Miss China Miss World

Dec 1Sanya, China witnessed for the first time, a Chinese beauty taking top honours and crowned as Ms. World 2007. Zhang Zi Lin won the title ahead of Micaela Reis from Angola and Carolina Moran Gordillo from Mexico.


Zhang, 23 years old originates from Shi Jia Zhuang, Hebei and she works works as a company secretary in Beijing. At 1.82 meters, she is was one of the tallest contestants losing out to only Carol Marifu from Zimbawe who stood at 1.83 meters.

Zhang is the first Asian, other than an Indian to win the Ms. World title. She is also the first Chinese to win a major world title as there were no other Chinese winners in the other major beauty pageants namely; Ms. Universe, Ms. Earth and Ms. International. Her historic win would proved to be invaluable to China ahead of the Olympic Games next year.

Personally, I felt the Zhang Zi Lin fared badly in the finals where she was stuttering her way through in her weak command of the English language while the other 4 finalists were much better. I am sure there will be many who felt that the win for China was both economically and politically influenced.

To be fair, Zhang Zi Lin is definitely the best that China has to offer in recent pageants and if any Chinese deserves to win, Zhang does.

There were a total of 106 contestants in the Ms. World 2007 pageant with an average age of 20.89 years and an average height of 174.59 cm. The oldest contestants were from Austria, Cayman Islands and Denmark at 25 years while the youngest was 16 years old Stephanie Maria Dods from New Zealand. The shortest contestant stood at 162 cm while the tallest at 183 cm.

Watching Ms. World made me feel small as I am only taller than 9 (less than 10%) of the contestants. The only consolation, I got was that the co-host, Fernando Allende looked pretty short when he stood next to the beauty queens.

Everyone has different taste and only 3 of my choices for the final 16 coincided with official results. The only thing which I can say is that 2 of my choices were amongst the finalists namely;

Ms. Mexico


Ms. Angola


Personally, I would have voted for Ms. Mexico, Carolina Moran Gordillo to win the title.

My other choices for the finalists would have been :-

Ms. Namibia


instead of Ms. Sweden


Ms. Brazil


instead of Ms. Trinidad & Tobago


and lastly but not least, Ms. Mongolia


instead of Ms. World, Ms China


Malaysians are celebrating that our representative, Deborah Pinya Henry made it to the last 16 but I have to be honest that she wasn’t in my list. There were also no blondes in my finals list, not because I don’t like blondes but the blondes in this year’s competition weren’t up to the mark.

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4 Responses to Miss China Miss World

  1. shorthorse says:

    …oooh but I beg to differ…I absolutely adore Ms. Trinidad & Tobago…

    Yes, the choice of Ms. China was kinda anti-climatic but in all fairness she looked good in photos & “au naturale” (without make up etc). … Her height was definitely striking but it also kinda worked against her coz it made her look a bit stick like… (Just hope this doesn’t spark off a new stick figure craze amongst young girls paving the way for an ‘anorexia’ fever in Asia..-heaven forbid!..)…

    Well I guess we just had a hard time accepting the choice given that voluptious caucasians seemed to rule the stage before. So maybe its a good thing after all…. Asia rules…at least until the next Ms. World takes stage..

  2. asme says:

    I actually fancy women with a more voluptous figure like the good old days of Norma Jean and Elizabeth Lee. Some of the women today are just too skinny for my liking.

  3. Akma says:

    Miss Brazil is the BEST.

  4. asme says:

    She is gorgeous.

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