What to eat in Bahau

What to eat in Bahau? This was the question that troubled me as we stumbled into Bahau town on our way from Senai to Mentakab. It was 8 pm, stomach growling, nothing much in sight and no positive suggestions from my GPS. I believe this is a dilemma faced by many when you are on the road.

Did not get any concrete feedback form the web either. Only one notable mention of a restaurant called Koh Theng, hence we went searching for it. Read that it was near a school. We found a Chinese school called Chi Wen and we immediately parked our car and continued our search on foot. Koh Theng  was truly located in a street next to the school.

2015-02-03PM2 Bahau (11)

Asked the lady proprietor for recommendations, she appeared lost for ideas. Asked her how she steams her fish, she mentioned only two styles; clear (cheng ching) steamed fish or gravy (cheong ching) steamed fish. When we prompted what was in the gravy, she could not describe clearly so we decided that we should make it simple.

2015-02-03PM2 Bahau (8)

We went for clear steamed garoupa

2015-02-03PM2 Bahau (5)

Accompanied by simple fried greens

2015-02-03PM2 Bahau (2)

Finished off with a bitter gourd soup

The meal was simple, almost home cooked style but tasted good. It is not a place to purposely drive all the way to Bahau to eat but if you happened to be in Bahau like us and wanted a simple dinner, we strongly recommend Restaurant Koh Theng.

Total cost including one pot of chinese tea cost RM 56.20. Good and cheap.

Restaurant Koh Theng (Ah Lock)

No 31, Jalan Mahligai, 72100 Bahau, N.S,

Tel 06 – 454 5986






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1 Response to What to eat in Bahau

  1. Benildus Yeow says:

    Great stuff ! Look forward in enjoying the good food at Bahau !

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