My First Prostitute

My very first encounter with a prostitute was when I was 13 years old.

At that time I had a hockey game to attend at the NS Padang. I took the STS (yellow) bus and dropped off at the bus station next to the Malabar Restaurant. From there, I decided to walk past four blocks of shop houses starting from Birch Road towards Paul Street. As I was late, I decided to take a short cut through the back lanes and past the infamous “jalan belakang mati” lane at the back of Jalan Tuan Sheikh. 

It was only 3 in the afternoon but there were already 3 ladies sitting along the infamous lane. One of the ladies called out to me, “Boy! Where are you going?”

She was a thirty plus Malay lady, plumpish with brown frizzy hair. I recalled her size quite well because she looked like kinda big next to me as I was only 5′ 2″ then. Her hair was out of the world, something like Diana Ross of the Supremes. 

I answered “Oh! I am going for a hockey game”.

She said, “Come here, Boy!”

I stopped in my tracks wondering why was she asking me to go to her. I asked “Why?”

She repeated softly “Come here!”

I obediently went to her. After all she was an adult, weren’t we supposed to obey adults?!

She got up from her seat and took my hand.

She said, “Come!” and she led me into the building through the back door. The darkness hit me instantly! I could not see where I was going but I followed her with her holding firmly on to my hand.

She opened a door and by then, my eyes became accustomed to the dim lighting. I could see that it was a small room, spartanly furnished with only a bed and a side table.

Another lady who was with her in the back lane came into the room as well. There I was with two ladies of pleasure in a small room.

I was still an innocent 13 year old who has not known the full facts about sex. I have an inkling but not the full picture. At that point in time, I had no idea what the lady wanted.

I asked her “Yes!”

She smiled at me and sat on the bed.

She asked me, “Come! Sit down!” patting on the bed to indicate that I should sit next to her.

The other lady who was standing behind me and suddenly touched my shoulder. I turned around and looked at her. Standing lady did not say anything. She just smiled at me. The kind of smile you get from someone who wanted something from you.

I turned back to the sitting lady and asked again, ” What do you want?”

She smiled sweetly at me and made a circle with her left index finger and thumb while pushing her right index finger through the circle.

I was tired of the game she was playing as I really didn’t know then what she wanted and  I was teribbly late for my game.

I then said, ” Maam, I am very sorry but I am very late for my game.”

I rushed out and I could hear her calling out “Wait, wait!”

It only hit me what she wanted after I left the building. With my limited knowledge of sex, I put two and two together and I realised then that she wanted to do it with me.

With  my virginity intact, I joined the hockey game which had already started. I remember Dave was annoyed with my tardiness and commented “Where the fuck were you?”  I did not tell him.

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10 Responses to My First Prostitute

  1. Yit Peng says:

    Your first prostitute…..tell me about your second and third………anymore????
    He He….Don’t blog it.

  2. shorthorse says:

    …… very brave of you to blog abt it…. yes….anymore???????? Pray tell….

  3. shorthorse says:

    Hmmm…. … interesting you wrote that you “obediently” followed her…. in Jalan Belakang Mati………?????? What if a man had asked you to follow him? 🙂

  4. asme says:

    YP, Your question is very interesting. Buy me a few rounds Guiness, then maybe will consider telling you all about it.

    SH, I was a kid then and I probably have followed. Lucky for me it was not a man. Otherwise, I will have problems sitting down for weeks.

  5. shorthorse says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHH……….. what a laugh you are…well Yit, when’re we gonna buy him a few rounds of Guiness?????

  6. gina says:

    Hhahahah! Aiyoh! Kasi suspense saja! I think ah, all men also got go to prostitute one – at least once! Irregardless whether they had sex or not! Hhahah! I remember a friend told me he went to Bangkok and got himself a pros. They didn’t do anything till morning. Coz he was too scared! Hahhaah! He got the pros becoz his boss ordered for everyone! Hahahha!

  7. asme says:

    well, it true happened, word for word.

  8. penelope gan says:

    you must have broken out in cold sweat with your heart racing!

  9. asme says:

    I didn’t. The truth was I didn’t know what she wanted until after I left the building. I was still pondering what it was all about and then it struck me.

    Darn! A 13 year old was sure more innocent and naive during my time. 🙂

  10. Raj Brar says:

    The good old days of Blakang Matis every where in Malaya

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