Best Fish Head Curry

I have been frequenting Ratha Fish Head Curry in Gohtong Jaya and found it to be good but not special. The outlet in Gohtong Jaya was a branch of the original in Raub. So when I had the chance to pass by the town of Raub, I decided to check out the original.

2015-12-05 Raub (1)

If you are traveling towards Raub from Bentong, you can’t miss Ratha’s as it is the first corner shop greeting you as you enter Raub town. The orange coloured building has a signboard KARI AYAM RAUB & KEPALA IKAN.

The food is typical of what you can get from a Mamak shop; biryani, roti chanai, chicken curry, mutton curry and of courser, fish head curry.

May & I ordered the usual accompanying dishes of simple papadom, cucumber and fried chicken as not to overshadow the main course. The fried chicken is good, cucumber fresh and crunchy and the papadom perfectly fried.

The main course would be Ratha’s Fish Curry

2015-12-05 Raub (3)

The Verdict – The Fish Head Curry is definitely much better than its distant cousin in Gohtong Jaya. The curry is thicker, tastier and truly good.

Was very pleased to have tried this true gem. I would vote Ratha’s Fish Head Curry in Raub to be one of the best that I have taken and would recommend anyone who passes by Raub not to miss this.


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Demise of Malaysian Football

2015 marked the final demise of Malaysian football. Malaysia started the year ranked 154th in the world out of 209 countries in the FIFA ranking which was the lowest point in history. One would this would be lowest Malaysia can get but the 2018 World Cup AFC Qualifying Group A resulted some unbelievable drubbings for Malaysia.

3:0 by Saudi Arabia

6:0 by Palestine (twice)

10:0 by UAE

Four matches totaled 25 goals against Malaysia, something totally unimaginable during my school days when Malaysia ruled South East Asia and was definitely the top five teams in Asia.

As a result, 2015 ended with Malaysia now ranked 170th out of 209 countries in the FIFA ranking.


From the FIFA graph, Malaysia is on a continuous slide downwards for the past 20 years, more like 35 years from the glory days when we qualified for the Olympics. So where are we compared to our neighbours and with the regulars who used to compete in our Merdeka Cup tournaments whom we beat repeatedly, when even South Korea had feared our team.

  1. South Korea 51st
  2. Thailand 133rd
  3. Hong Hong 137th
  4. Philippines 139th
  5. Vietnam 147th
  6. Singapore 149th
  7. Myanmar 158th
  8. India 166th
  9. Malaysia 170th
  10. Indonesia 179th

We were neck to neck with the South Koreans, today they are ranked 120 places above us. We were better than all the rest but today, Malaysia is below soccer minnows like Philippines and India. Even little Singapore is ranked higher than Malaysia.

The only consolation we have is that we are ranked above Indonesia. What’s next? Will Indonesia overtake us on the the FIFA ranking in 2016?

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Christmas 2015

Christmas have always been a gastronomical experience and 2015 was no difference thanks to our gracious hosts, YM.

2015-12-25 Christmas at Yit's (31)

2015-12-25 Christmas at Yit's (18)

2015-12-25 Christmas at Yit's (26)

2015-12-25 Christmas at Yit's (21)

2015-12-25 Christmas at Yit's (8)

2015-12-25 Christmas at Yit's (23)

2015-12-25 Christmas at Yit's (19)

2015-12-25 Christmas at Yit's (34)


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What to eat in Bahau

What to eat in Bahau? This was the question that troubled me as we stumbled into Bahau town on our way from Senai to Mentakab. It was 8 pm, stomach growling, nothing much in sight and no positive suggestions from my GPS. I believe this is a dilemma faced by many when you are on the road.

Did not get any concrete feedback form the web either. Only one notable mention of a restaurant called Koh Theng, hence we went searching for it. Read that it was near a school. We found a Chinese school called Chi Wen and we immediately parked our car and continued our search on foot. Koh Theng  was truly located in a street next to the school.

2015-02-03PM2 Bahau (11)

Asked the lady proprietor for recommendations, she appeared lost for ideas. Asked her how she steams her fish, she mentioned only two styles; clear (cheng ching) steamed fish or gravy (cheong ching) steamed fish. When we prompted what was in the gravy, she could not describe clearly so we decided that we should make it simple.

2015-02-03PM2 Bahau (8)

We went for clear steamed garoupa

2015-02-03PM2 Bahau (5)

Accompanied by simple fried greens

2015-02-03PM2 Bahau (2)

Finished off with a bitter gourd soup

The meal was simple, almost home cooked style but tasted good. It is not a place to purposely drive all the way to Bahau to eat but if you happened to be in Bahau like us and wanted a simple dinner, we strongly recommend Restaurant Koh Theng.

Total cost including one pot of chinese tea cost RM 56.20. Good and cheap.

Restaurant Koh Theng (Ah Lock)

No 31, Jalan Mahligai, 72100 Bahau, N.S,

Tel 06 – 454 5986






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Rise of the Legend

Rise of the Legend

With such a grand title and supposedly a story about Wong Fei Hung, I just had to check out this movie. The movie started with a bang, with Eddie Peng battling it out single handed against a mob of one hundred swords slashing gangsters. This epic fighting scene was interrupted prematurely as we were taken back into time when Wong Fei Hung was a kid. He was called Ah Fei and he followed his dad, played by Tony Leung Ka-fai, going around rescuing orphans.

Fast forward back to present time, it showed a CGI animated Guangzhou of the turn of the century along the Pearl River. Much efforts have been put into the CGI effects but it was a poor job and looked more like a cartoon. Then it moved on the scene of Ah Fei  being recruited as an assassin to kill off a rival gang leader. The Black Tiger Gang Leader, Master Lei played by Sammo Hung promised that whoever is successful in killing the rival gang leader, he will adopt the killer as his 4th adopted son.

The story then move on to Ah Fei going off to kill the leader of the rival gang.

The story continue to develop with flashbacks to explain Ah Fei’s past and to give clues for his real motif and the finale of the show. The many stars in the show gives it added points especially with appearances by Jing Boran, Angelababy, Wang Luodan, Bryon Mann, Zhang Jin and Jack Feng.

The flashbacks of the show was poorly done making the story line somewhat jerky. Overall acting was disappointing while the character developments was not sufficient.

Overall, a poor story about Wong Fei Hung but still a worth while watch for hard core Kung Fu fans. If you expect good drama and acting, this won’t be your cup of tea.


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The Destruction of Cameron Highlands

CM (1)

As a child, my first impression of Cameron Highlands was a faraway wonderland filled with little cottages and tea plantations surrounded by jungles and orang asli. My first trip to Cameron Highlands was realised much later when I decided to make it a dream trip for my honeymoon. I was not dissapointed as the beauty of the tea plantations and the idyllic English styled cottages were truly breathtaking. At the same time, I was saddened with the amount of logging trucks that I see plying up and down the winding trunk road down to Tapah.

Over the years, Cameron Highlands remained a favourite vacation spot for me. I truly love the walks, the stays in the old bungalows, having scones at the tea plantations. When I took up trekking, Cameron Highlands proved to be the best place to establish a trekking paradise for Peninsular Malaysia. It is surrounded by beginner friendly mountains; Brinchang, Mentinggi, Jasar, Perdah, Irau, Ruil, Berembun, Suku, Yellow, Pass and not to mention, it is also the gateway to the big ones like; Yong Yap, Yong Belar, Gayong.

Environmentally, Cameron Highlands continue to deteriorate but as each year passes, the rate of destruction of its natural environment appears to magnify. We have had landslide hitting a popular orang asli village which killed 7 villagers. We had a massive flood which is mind boggling which wiped out illegal settlements along the river and reportedly 2 illegal immigrants were killed. The locals however believed the fatality numbers to be higher. It does not take rocket science to conclude that all the destruction came from the clearing of land which is rampant all over Cameron Highlands. To add salt to the wound, the local MP elected from the Cameron Highlands seat, G. Palanivel is the Minister of Natural Resources & Environment. Since G. Palanivel has taken office, nothing substantial has been done to protect Cameron Highlands. The bulldozers continue to clear the lands.

On my last visit to Cameron Highlands, my local friend sadly informed me that Gunung Mentinggi is gone and large plots of land are also being clearing in Kg Rajah, next to Gunung Yellow. We took the opportunity to walk our favourite route via Jalan Tengkolok to the orang asli village. We shocked to find the amount of land clearing that is taking place.  Perhaps the following pictures could give an inkling of our sadness and shock.

CM (12)

The above is Gunung Perdah which adjoining to the Orang Asli Village back in 2008.

Today the area leading to the orang asli village and the adjoining mountain.

CM (10)

CM (11)

Pictures of more landing clearing, this clearing is closer to Gunung Jasar.

CM (9)

CM (8)

CM (6)

My only conclusion is that the glory days of Cameron Highlands are numbered. The green will be gone one day.

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Kedongdong Falls

Located half between Batang Kali and Gotong Jaya, along trunk road B66 is a less frequent waterfalls called Kedongdong Falls. I have never been and decided to check it out. We exited the highway at Rawang and drove towards Batang Kali. Upon reaching Batang Kali, we followed the signs for Genting Highlands and soon came a car-park at the left side of the road. It was easy to find and for the starting point, just move towards the East end of the carpark up the stairs to the jungle trail.

Kedongdong (1) Kedongdong (2)

Kedongdong (3) Kedongdong (4)

The jungle trail was straight forward, continuous along the the river and after a 40 minutes hike, we reached Kedongdong Falls. It was time for picnic and a dip.

Kedongdong (5) Kedongdong (9)

S. Wei had a surprise cake for Michelle as it was her birthday.

Kedongdong (6) Kedongdong (7)

It was an easy hike, good start for beginners. But for us, it was a great day to share an Sunday morning, amongst fellow nature lovers.

Kedongdong (8) Kedongdong (10)

Coordinates : – N 03 25.82′ E 101 43.86′

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