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Destruction of Cameron Highlands Review

I did a blog back in 2014 on the over development of Cameron Highlands and recently I did a quick review this December to check out the development. What was virgin jungle was bulldozed for multiple blocks of cheap apartments. A … Continue reading

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The Destruction of Cameron Highlands

As a child, my first impression of Cameron Highlands was a faraway wonderland filled with little cottages and tea plantations surrounded by jungles and orang asli. My first trip to Cameron Highlands was realised much later when I decided to make … Continue reading

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Most Expensive Hotel Room Beer

Came across the most expensive hotel room beer in Maxims Hotel, Genting.   It was an unbelievable RM 46.50 for a can of Budweiser and RM 31.50 for a can of Carlsberg. Are they trying to discourage their guest from … Continue reading

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Not Anwar Again?!

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim hits the news again today with allegations of being a porn star together with a Chinese looking woman in a video which was shown to the media by an unidentified Dato T. Dato Seri Anwar denied immediately … Continue reading

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Child’s Eye 3D – Worst 3D movie

Imaging a Chinese horrow movie in 3D, a Pang brothers shoot, location in black magic eerie Thailand, stars Shawn Yue, Rannie Yang, Elanne Kwong. It all adds up to a promising thriller. But…………. Child’s Eye was another attempt by the Pang brothers … Continue reading

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Record Marriages

How long does one get married? The longest would be a lifetime which could span over 60 or 70 years. Elizabeth Taylor would probably be the icon for most marriage by a celebrity but over in Malaysia, we have a … Continue reading

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Shameful Malaysia

July 2010 – Malaysia is in the highlights again for the wrong reasons. Nooh Gadot, a reportedly top Islamic leader from the southern Johor state had his two minutes of fame when he warned Muslims against wearing football jerseys with the … Continue reading

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