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Anecdotes or life as it is

Cinemas to Cineplexes

Cineplexes used to be cinemas; single detached buildings, normally doubled storied with a surrounding car park with a bicycle/motorcycle park on one side of the building while the other side would lined with a row of tidbit stalls. Exit doors opened directly into the car park and … Continue reading

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Cost Cutting or Cost Transferring?

March 2010 – We have had three meetings in Temerluh and the quorum consist of four managers and four Union members from Temerluh, one Union HQ representative from K.L. and one Industrial Relations Officer from Kuantan. Temerluh was the most convenient … Continue reading

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Another Year Gone

It has been ages since I last blog. Been too busy on FB and also had quite a number of activities moving at the same time. A full year has passed, an eventful year filled with more mountain hiking in one … Continue reading

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No Words Could Describe

              Jan 7 – A shocking reminder of what’s happening in Malaysia.

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I Drove Around The World

Jan 2, 2009 – First work day for the year and  I was driving back to work when it dawned upon me that I have actually been driving up and down the KL-Karak highway or the E8 for the past 10 years … Continue reading

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What is free?

Jul 25 – Free?! Can you still get free things nowadays? Well, I am in Changi airport and all local calls are free. We also get 15 minutes of free internet. Often people will jump up and down in joy … Continue reading

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20 Years Together

Jun 1 – Time flies. What happened twenty years ago felt just like yesterday. It was a Saturday in 1988, when I accompanied my date, WH to the Federal Bowl. It was there I met May for the first time together with Katerine. … Continue reading

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