The Eye

Nov 30 – In Mentakab without Astro, when May told me excitedly that “The Eye” was showing on NTV7.

Heard of some good reviews about “The Eye”. It was also the movie that made Kedah born actress, Lee Sin Jie a star and made the Pang brothers famous. Missed the movie back in 2002 as I wasn’t a fan of horror movies but I enjoyed Oxide Pang’s “The Detective” recently so I didn’t need much persuasion from May to check out the movie.

Angelica Lee Sin Jie starred as Wong Kar Mun who was born blind but underwent an eye transplant which restored her sight. The first person she befriended in the hospital while recuperating was a little girl called Ying-Ying (Yut Lai So). Her joy was short-lived when she discovered that she could see more than the ordinary folks. She started seeing dead people everywhere she went. Whenever someone died, she can see the dead being taken away by a figure in black. Kar Mun was totally freaked and her sympathetic Dr. Wah (Lawrence Chou) tried to help. When Ying-Ying died, she visited Kar Mun to bid her farewell. By then Kar Mun was calm and seemed to have accepted her gift.

The movie seemed to have headed for an early ending except that at Ying-Ying’s funeral, Dr Wah presented Kar Mun with a card from Ying-Ying. Inside the card was a picture of Ying-Ying with Kar Mun. Kar Mun could not recognize the woman in the picture as she did not look like her in the mirror. This was an absolute classic twist to movie and for me it was the highlight.

Dr Wah and Kar Mun then traveled to Thailand to find out about the history of the donor of her eyes. The adventure took them to a tiny village where they managed to locate the grieving mother of the donor. The donor Ling (Chutcha Rujinanon) was a child with a gift of being able to see the dead or the dying. Ling saw that a tragedy will fall on her village and tried to warn the people but no one would listen. The village was engulfed in a large inferno where many perished. Ling could not live with the guilt and committed suicide. Kar Mun managed to get Ling’s mother to forgive Ling and brought about a closure to both Ling’s and her mother’s grief.

Kar Mun has managed put her problems to rest so she and Dr Wah prepared to return to Hong Kong. They were caught in a stand still traffic jam in Thai traffic when Kar Mun sees many dark figures appearing. Something was wrong! Kar Mun alighted from her bus and saw that the traffic was caused by an overturned gas tanker. Sensing something going to happen, Kar Mun ran about frantically trying to warn people to run. Everyone looked at her as a demented woman just like the villagers looked at Ling. Then the gas tanker blew up sending gigantic sheets of fire to envelope the vehicles stuck in the traffic.

“The Eye” was quite a good movie. Well, directed. Nothing gory about it and no cheap thrill scares.

As a matter of fact, there have been two sequels named “The Eye 2” and “The Eye 10”.
A remake is coming up soon in 2008 starring Jessica Alba.

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4 Responses to The Eye

  1. Gina says:

    Seriously, this is quite a good horror movie! I flipped! Totally flipped when the ghost rammed at her when she was sitting on the dead’s desk! Oxide Pang? OMIGOD! They really ran out of names huh?? Hhahahah!!!

  2. asme says:

    I thought the ghost in the elevator was more scary!

    It was a good ‘heart’ exercise movie.

  3. khanfar says:


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