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Sg Klau – Musang King dom

Malaysians are crazy about their durians. When I was young, it was simply durian kampong and the mini orchards which offers either bitter or sweet. As long as the durians are ripen and not hard, the durians are considered good. … Continue reading

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Demise of Malaysian Football

2015 marked the final demise of Malaysian football. Malaysia started the year ranked 154th in the world out of 209 countries in the FIFA ranking which was the lowest point in history. One would this would be lowest Malaysia can … Continue reading

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Most Expensive Hotel Room Beer

Came across the most expensive hotel room beer in Maxims Hotel, Genting.   It was an unbelievable RM 46.50 for a can of Budweiser and RM 31.50 for a can of Carlsberg. Are they trying to discourage their guest from … Continue reading

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2014 FIFA World Football Rankings

It is World Cup year and the tournament returns to the land of Samba but how is the world ranking as per 1st January 2014? Spain sits at the pinnacle as the defending champion, the highest ranked and definitely the … Continue reading

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The Malaysian Constitution

Haris Ibrahim asked a very valid question on how can you consider your self to be a Malaysian when you don’t know the contents of the Malaysian Constitution? I for one, like the majority of Malaysians would complain about our … Continue reading

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Ampang Hilir Park

                                                                                                                                                                             Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir – The latest park in the Klang Valley was a rehabilitation program of a former squatter colony.  The park can be seen along the MRR2 if you are heading towards Ampang from Cheras on the … Continue reading

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Gunung Irau – 9th highest in Peninsular Malaysia

Care to climb a top ten highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia at relative ease? No Top Ten Highest Mountains Feet Meters Location State 1 Gunung Tahan 7,185 2,190 Tahan Range Pahang 2 Gunung Korbu 7,162 2,183 Ulu Kinta Perak 3 … Continue reading

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