Crime Rate In Malaysia

How bad is the crime rate in Malaysia? The government recently released the official crime figures for 2007 and there appeared to be contracting reports from the local media.

The Star on 10 January 2008 reported (by Lourdes Charles) that the crime index increased by 7% last year but the number of violent crimes, especially armed robberies and robberies without firearms, dropped significantly.

The NST reported that Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the number of serious crimes increased by 13.36 per cent nationwide last year, with gang robbery without the use of firearms rising by more than 159 per cent.

Such contradicting reports leaves us wondering which report is more accurate. Logically, we could conclude that the NST report is more accurate as it is very unlikely that a certain type of crime could dropped significantly when the overall index is up.

However both English dailies failed to elaborate on the seriousness of the situation? There weren’t any comparison with previous statistics. How many men in the street would bother looking up the previous year’s figures?

Mr. Lim Kit Siang tried to show in his blog that the crime rate has shot up 45% since 2003 comparing the 2003 statistics of 156,315 cases with the 224,298 cases in 2007. The purpose of his comparison is merely to discredit Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Mr. Lim failed to give the full picture where the sharpest increases happened during the last 2 years. It was also important to note that we experienced similar sharp increases in 1996 and 1997.

I think a more accurate picture of the overall situation is Malaysia is to go back to 1991 where the crime index was below 70,000 cases. ACP Amar Singh Sidhu’s paper on the rate of crime which was published in the Journal of the Kuala Lumpur Royal Malaysia Police College, No 2, 2005 gives us a clearer picture of the historical year to year increase in the crime rate. From his paper, we could conclude that the crime rate in Malaysia has worsen more than 300% since 1991.

The following graph which has been would give a better picture of the rising crime rate in Malaysia.


To sum the on the current crime rate, I think it is best to describe from last year’s statistics of 588 murder cases and 3,177 rape cases that;

Every day, more than one person was murdered (1.6 per day)

Every day, more than eight women were raped (8.7 per day)

Will it be any different one year from now? Unless there is :-

A real fundamental change in the running of the police force

An overall revamp of the immigration policy.

An overhaul of the anti-corruption agency.

I don’t see it to be any different, one year from now.

We have actually heard this same old story before. One year ago, The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili on 31 Jan 2007, expressed the government’s concern when the crime index increased to 198,622 cases from 171,604 cases in 2005. After such alarming figures in 2006, what has the government done? The crimes cases shot up to 224,298 cases in 2007 despite the concerns voiced. 

Will 2008 proved to be different?

Will money spent on new CCTVs and new police training centres in Bentong and Langkawi help? We can buy the latest technology in CCTV or build the biggest training centre in the world but if there is no change in overall running of the police force, I don’t have much optimism for 2008.

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20 Responses to Crime Rate In Malaysia

  1. shorthorse says:

    …..well your guess is as good as mine……. I wouldn’t hold my breath tho…

  2. asme says:

    I wouldn’t waste my breath… : )

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  4. shorthorse says:

    Ahahaah….. just only noticed your tag : Garbage Mountain – hilarious! Good one..

  5. asme says:

    It is all garbage for us to chew on.

  6. hafz muhammad arif says:

    the malaysan every police man take bribe and the law is too weak
    even i got married with a malaysan women since 22 years but i don’t have any status
    to stay in malaysia just i use work permit every year i need to renew
    unless i pay out money to get my pr
    but i am not wealing to pay any money
    how is the malaysian law ?

  7. asme says:

    Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. The Law in Malaysia isn;t good but it is not the worst. We are better than many countries I know.

  8. ted teh says:

    the law in malaysia is one of the best but how the people implementing it is the worst in the region……everyone know about it…… is money and money is law.what will happen to this beloved country if the corruption keep going on….

  9. amat says:

    no execution no implementation
    people are not protected
    report to polis? never get solution

  10. asme says:

    It is sad. The police today appear to be waiting for orders what their political bosses say rather than do their jobs.

  11. Hazrein Yong says:

    I’ve been to and even stayed in many countries especially in Southeast Asia. No country is perfect and there’s corruption even in the goody-goody US. Malaysia is one of the less corrupt AND safe countries. None of my colleagues who come to Malaysia have had a crime committed against them. That’s good enough personal statistics for us.

    • asme says:

      No country is crime-free but there has been a noticeable increase in the crime in Malaysia over the past 10 years.

      I lived in the Philipines 13 years ago and I used to be shocked at the crime rate there. Everyday, you read about people getting robbed and killed. The police were the main culprits for some of the crime. People lived in secured compounds and people do not venture out to some neighbourhood especially at night. Back then in Malaysia, we have our occasional crime but we can still sleep peacefully in our normal neighbourhood.

      Today I am sad to say that Malaysia has caught up with Manila, Jakarta or Bangkok. Normal neighbourhoods are no longer normal without guards. Secured compounds are here to stay.

      I had two embarassing encounters with overseas friends who were robbed in the streets of KL. They were utterly shocked that it happened to them here when such things has never happened to them in their home countries.

      I lived in a gated community but yet my neighbour was robbed at gun point. My wife was a victim of a snatch thief in Jalan Alor. My mother in law was robbed at knife point in Ampang. My friend and his family was robbed and tied up in their home in Sungai Way. Another friend was carnapped of his brand new Audi and left at the side of the PLUS highway near Seremban with his hands tied and his eyes blindfolded. My classmate was murdered in the Shell refinery carpark in Port Dickson. The list goes on…. These are the people I know personally but if I were to add acquaintances, the list will be endless.

      You and your colleagues appear to be living in a dream world. Perhaps, if you widen your contacts outside your normal circle, you would find that there is a lot of crime being committed out there in there streets. And this crime scenario definitely has gone from good to bad and now to worse.

      • Mabel says:

        Hi Asme, my name is Mabel and I am interested to find out more about the cases/crimes you mentioned, especially crimes in gated and guarded communities. I too live in a guarded community and it is frustrating to see how crimes still occur in broad daylight while the guards pass by, oblivious to what is happening.
        I am doing research on this topic and I will really appreciate it if you drop me an email or a contact number so we can get in touch. Thank you very much!

  12. asme says:

    Hi Mabel, not sure I can help you with your research. I did mine mainly on the net and the links are attached in my blog.

    • Mabel says:

      Oh I see, actually I am looking for cases of victims in gated and guarded communities. I was hoping you could provide me with some info about your friends/relatives that were victims of crimes in a gated community.
      Perhaps you could help me get in touch with your neighbour who was robbed at gun point, or your friend who was robbed in Sungai Way, if they are willing? Email me if you need to find out more about me or my research..Thanks lots for your help!

      • asme says:

        Could you extend your e-mail add so that we could communicate off the blog. Will delete the add after I received it.

  13. Mabel says:

    My email is Thanks and looking forward to hear from you!

  14. hello, can i know the full name of the author please?

  15. hello, can i know the full name of the author please? Thank you 🙂

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