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Gunung Berembun

If you were to head to Cameron Highlands to climb a mountain, Gunung Irau would undoubtedly be the most popular mountain to climb for the leisure climbers while the   hardcore would think of Yong Yap and Yong Belar. There are many … Continue reading

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The Destruction of Cameron Highlands

As a child, my first impression of Cameron Highlands was a faraway wonderland filled with little cottages and tea plantations surrounded by jungles and orang asli. My first trip to Cameron Highlands was realised much later when I decided to make … Continue reading

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Hiking Up Gunung Brinchang

Gunung Brinchang is the highest peak in Malaysia which is connected by a paved road. At 2,031 meters, it is significantly higher than the second highest paved road connected peak, Genting Highlands at 1,860 meters. What’s remarkable is that Gunung … Continue reading

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Gunung Irau – 9th highest in Peninsular Malaysia

Care to climb a top ten highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia at relative ease? No Top Ten Highest Mountains Feet Meters Location State 1 Gunung Tahan 7,185 2,190 Tahan Range Pahang 2 Gunung Korbu 7,162 2,183 Ulu Kinta Perak 3 … Continue reading

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My Flickr Pictures

Jan 1 – Time really flies. While sitting back to reflect for the past year, one would always reminisce on the good times. I always try to capture the good times on my digital camera so that it would invoke the memories. … Continue reading

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Hill Top Bungalow

Mar 8 – It was the 12th Malaysian General Election Day when we made our way up to Cameron Highlands for a retreat at the Hilltop Bungalow. This escapade was the second visit to this old Cameron Highlands establishment for … Continue reading

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Robinson Waterfalls

I have been to Cameron Highlands on numerous occasions and has always wondered what Robinson Waterfalls was like but never actually attempted to visit it. Finally, I managed to assembled a group of enthusiasts (May, VM, YP, JS, ML, JT, … Continue reading

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