Sg Klau – Musang King dom

Malaysians are crazy about their durians. When I was young, it was simply durian kampong and the mini orchards which offers either bitter or sweet. As long as the durians are ripen and not hard, the durians are considered good. Bonuses are when we get a fruit with small flat seeds (chit what). Durians were sold by the fruit. Small ones may cost as low as 50 sen while the extra large ones cost up to RM 4.00.

Over the years, taste became more demanding and branding came in. Durian Kampong were considered unbranded as D24, D2 and D101 became premium durians. Then came the extra premium durians from Balik Pulau the Ang Hare or red prawn. We even had fancy names like Lin Fong Chiao. The premium fruits were no longer sold per fruit but based on weight. Prices moved up from RM 2 per kg for Durian Kampong while a D24 will cost RM 6 per kg and the Ang Hare will cost RM 9 per kg. Then the Musang King swept the market and started pricing at RM 15 per kg.

Today about a decade later, the Musang King can cost up to RM 95 per kg. Many blame the demand from Mainland China for then escalation in pricing.

One way to enjoy a real durian adventure to venture to the source of the fruits, to go to Musang King dom or Sg Klau.  My first trip to Sg Klau was in 2013.

To get to Sg Klau, you have to go to Bentong and proceed towards Raub. A right turn about 15 km outside Bentong, leads you through a short-cut passing by Felda plantations to Sg Klau.

New folder1Sg Klau is a small village which is the centre for Musang King durian plantations.

Upon reaching Sg Klau, you can check out Yiow Sang in the middle of the village which provide a good place for breakfast.

New folder

After breakfast, you may proceed to drive around and check out one of the numerous durian collection centres.

New folder3

Best to visit during the peak season as supplies may be limited to exports.

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They have several types of Durians with Musang King and Teka being the most expensive selling at RM 65 per kg as per 2017. The different types of durians are actually quite different when you put them side by side

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Undoubtedly, Musang King is the crowd favourite.

2017-04-15 Durian Trip (16)

Drive is a bit long from KL. Prices in Sg Klau is not much cheaper than Bentong. Unless you buy a whole jeep load full, the petrol cost plus durians will cost you more than eating in PJ.

2013-08-08 Berembun Sg Klau (58)

But apart from durians, there is another attraction here.

The Berembun Waterfalls is an adventurous 4WD trip from Sg Klau. Coming to Sg Klau is not complete without going to Berembun. Will blog on Berembun next.

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2 Responses to Sg Klau – Musang King dom

  1. Gina says:

    Wonderful trip! It’s been more than 13 years I last went on a durian trip!

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