Gunung Berembun

If you were to head to Cameron Highlands to climb a mountain, Gunung Irau would undoubtedly be the most popular mountain to climb for the leisure climbers while the   hardcore would think of Yong Yap and Yong Belar.

There are many more mountains in and around Cameron Highlands. There is one little gem of a mountain which starts at the trail to Robinson Waterfalls. Gunung Berembun is one of the lesser known and lesser climbed mountain but offers some mossy forest just like Irau but much easier to assess.

It is part of the Jungle walk No 9. The distance is only 2.57 appears to be easy and manageable.

20080901 013

The easiest way to assess is to head towards the Robinson Waterfalls. This is about 1 km from the Tanah Rata town centre.

Once you reached the trail to the waterfalls, look out for signage for Jungle Walk No 9.

20080901 014

Signage at the cottage at the start of Robinson Falls. Peak will be 2645 meters. Decent.

20080901 018

Start of the trek to Gunung Berembun.

20080901 020

The mossy trek in the Berembun trail.

20080901 026

Quiet and deserted.

20080901 035

The peak which is surrounded by jungle. No view point.

It started to rain at the peak and there is another trail from the peak leading to a bungalow called Arcadia. I chickened out and took a short-cut down to MARDI.

Took about 2 hours to reach the peak and an hour down to MARDI.

Nice short workout but most of the trail is overgrown due to the less activity in the this trail.


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