Best Fish Head Curry

I have been frequenting Ratha Fish Head Curry in Gohtong Jaya and found it to be good but not special. The outlet in Gohtong Jaya was a branch of the original in Raub. So when I had the chance to pass by the town of Raub, I decided to check out the original.

2015-12-05 Raub (1)

If you are traveling towards Raub from Bentong, you can’t miss Ratha’s as it is the first corner shop greeting you as you enter Raub town. The orange coloured building has a signboard KARI AYAM RAUB & KEPALA IKAN.

The food is typical of what you can get from a Mamak shop; biryani, roti chanai, chicken curry, mutton curry and of courser, fish head curry.

May & I ordered the usual accompanying dishes of simple papadom, cucumber and fried chicken as not to overshadow the main course. The fried chicken is good, cucumber fresh and crunchy and the papadom perfectly fried.

The main course would be Ratha’s Fish Curry

2015-12-05 Raub (3)

The Verdict – The Fish Head Curry is definitely much better than its distant cousin in Gohtong Jaya. The curry is thicker, tastier and truly good.

Was very pleased to have tried this true gem. I would vote Ratha’s Fish Head Curry in Raub to be one of the best that I have taken and would recommend anyone who passes by Raub not to miss this.


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One Response to Best Fish Head Curry

  1. Yit Peng says:

    Looks soooo good.

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