Rise of the Legend

Rise of the Legend

With such a grand title and supposedly a story about Wong Fei Hung, I just had to check out this movie. The movie started with a bang, with Eddie Peng battling it out single handed against a mob of one hundred swords slashing gangsters. This epic fighting scene was interrupted prematurely as we were taken back into time when Wong Fei Hung was a kid. He was called Ah Fei and he followed his dad, played by Tony Leung Ka-fai, going around rescuing orphans.

Fast forward back to present time, it showed a CGI animated Guangzhou of the turn of the century along the Pearl River. Much efforts have been put into the CGI effects but it was a poor job and looked more like a cartoon. Then it moved on the scene of Ah Fei  being recruited as an assassin to kill off a rival gang leader. The Black Tiger Gang Leader, Master Lei played by Sammo Hung promised that whoever is successful in killing the rival gang leader, he will adopt the killer as his 4th adopted son.

The story then move on to Ah Fei going off to kill the leader of the rival gang.

The story continue to develop with flashbacks to explain Ah Fei’s past and to give clues for his real motif and the finale of the show. The many stars in the show gives it added points especially with appearances by Jing Boran, Angelababy, Wang Luodan, Bryon Mann, Zhang Jin and Jack Feng.

The flashbacks of the show was poorly done making the story line somewhat jerky. Overall acting was disappointing while the character developments was not sufficient.

Overall, a poor story about Wong Fei Hung but still a worth while watch for hard core Kung Fu fans. If you expect good drama and acting, this won’t be your cup of tea.


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