Kedongdong Falls

Located half between Batang Kali and Gotong Jaya, along trunk road B66 is a less frequent waterfalls called Kedongdong Falls. I have never been and decided to check it out. We exited the highway at Rawang and drove towards Batang Kali. Upon reaching Batang Kali, we followed the signs for Genting Highlands and soon came a car-park at the left side of the road. It was easy to find and for the starting point, just move towards the East end of the carpark up the stairs to the jungle trail.

Kedongdong (1) Kedongdong (2)

Kedongdong (3) Kedongdong (4)

The jungle trail was straight forward, continuous along the the river and after a 40 minutes hike, we reached Kedongdong Falls. It was time for picnic and a dip.

Kedongdong (5) Kedongdong (9)

S. Wei had a surprise cake for Michelle as it was her birthday.

Kedongdong (6) Kedongdong (7)

It was an easy hike, good start for beginners. But for us, it was a great day to share an Sunday morning, amongst fellow nature lovers.

Kedongdong (8) Kedongdong (10)

Coordinates : – N 03 25.82′ E 101 43.86′

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One Response to Kedongdong Falls

  1. Teo KH says:

    Hi Kedongdong Falls looks like a place I will like to visit … except if there are leeches 😦 Not that I’m squeamish, my leech bites still itch after more than 3 months. So are they there?

    Thanks in advance

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