Anak Penanjakan Trek

After the short hike up Mount Bromo, we wanted to see more of the country side which was absolutely stunning and decided to trek up to Gunung Anak Penanjakan. We were were not disappointed but were rewarded with breath-taking countryside views. Something we never expected out of Indonesia.

Bromo  (1) Bromo  (2)

Bromo  (3) Bromo  (5)

Bromo  (4) Bromo  (9)

Bromo  (6) Bromo  (7)

Bromo  (10) Bromo  (11)

When we finally reached the peak of Anak Penanjakan, it was filled with beautiful wild flowers. There no view from the peak. Too much tree cover. But the trek up to the mountain was an unforgettable experience.

Bromo  (8)

After the hike, we left Cemoro Lawang with a last glimpse of the colourful village life and boarded a mini bus which was driven by a fourteen year old.

Bromo  (12)Bromo  (13)

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