Mount Bromo

After Kawah Ijen. we had a long journey to Cemoro Lawang where we arrived in the evening. After checking in, we immediately booked our ride for Gunung Penanjakan to view Mount Bromo in the sunrise. We were woken up at 4 am and it was truly freeze cold.

We were lead to our jeep and we took off into the foggy dark. We couldn’t see more than 10 feet in front of us, so it was amazing how the driver managed to locate his way. Miraculously, we reached the summit of Gunung Penanjakan where we found there were scores of tourists already waiting at the view point. We joined the crowd and waited for sunrise.

The Dark

Light in the horizon


We could see the sun creeping out in the horizon. At first, we could only see a faint silhouette of Mount Bromo. But as the light of dawn became more prominent, we could see the majestic Mount Bromo appearing before us.


Truly a picture perfect site.

Mount Bromo

We then proceed down to the valley to climb up to Mount Bromo.

20070824 083

Bromo in the mist

We reached the valley floor, there were many touts offering donkey rides to the base of Mount Bromo. We decline and walked the short walk and found proper steps leading all the way to the peak. We took the stairs, the higher we go, the stronger the smell of sulphur. After a short climb, we reached the peak which was filled with tourist.

Peak of Bromo

Stairs down with donkeys waiting

Been There

Bromo would rate on one of my most scenic destination. Done it, so glad I did.

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