The Equalizer


I have always enjoyed The Equalizer as a child. Robert McCall was like the last answer, when there is no more hope. When everything else fails, call the Equalizer. Compared to the other TV series which were running at the same time such as the A-Team, Magnum PI and Miami Vice, The Equalizer  was dark and realistic. McCall was not like your unbelievable too good to be true heroes like Tom Selleck or Don Johnson. He looked real and mysterious in the form of Edward Woodward. It was one of my favourite TV series.


So when Denzel Washington took on the role of The Equalizer, I had to watch even though I was skeptical that Denzel could pull it off and I was right. The new McCall was a totally different character from the original McCall. Firstly, McCall is a name of Scottish origin. Except for Idi Amin who claimed to be Scottish, it was rather strange to see Denzel in the role. Secondly, the new McCall works in a hardware supermarket and the movie moves around his life as a blue collar while in the original series, the story moves around the lives of the down and trodden and the hero comes in as a mysterious knight in Armani suits to save the day.

I gave up comparing and sat tight to enjoy the movie.

Denzel appears to be some super secret operative who had retired to a blue collar life but who suddenly came out of hiding to help a young hooker who was badly beaten up. He offered to buy her out of her bondage by offering the pimp 9900 dollars; either he was looking for an excuse to off the pimp or he was naive enough to think that the pimp will settle for that small amount of money. The conclusion was obvious and McCall had to kill a room full of bad asses when they did not accept his offer.

This started a chain of events as he had taken out not an ordinary pimp but the main branch of a Russian Mafia where the head honcho in Moscow started sending more baddies to look for him.

McCall then had to use all of his experience in order to single-handedly kill all the hit-men sent and then going to Moscow and killing everyone else there.

This show is far cry from the original TV series, Denzel doesn’t look convincing as a skilled ex-black ops agent and the story lacked depth as how could everything return back to normal at the end of the show after a massacre at the hardware supermarket where McCall worked.

If you don’t compare and if you can accept the shallowness of the story line, then this show does have some entertainment value.

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