Loh Mee @ Sinki, Dengkil

It is often said that small towns have hidden gems for food. Dengkil, a small town a stone throw from KLIA has one of such gems. Located in the middle of this one street town, Sinki restaurant looks like any other small town eating shops but come lunch time, you will normally find it packed.

Sinki (1)

We found Sinki while touring around Dengkil, looking for a place to eat. The huge crowd attracted us to check it out and we were fortunate enough to get a small vacant table even though it was packed.

Looking at the other tables for clues on what to order, we ended up with:-

Sinki (2)

Almost every table had fish balls with vegetables. Have no regrets as the fish balls were absolutely crunchy and good.

Sinki (4)


Their vegetables were a bit overcooked but nevertheless was above average in taste.

Sinki (3)

The fish was cooked in Sinki style where the threadfin (Kurau) is fried before having a rich chili padi filled sauce poured over generously over it. Original and good.

Sinki (5)

Lastly but not least, the Loh Mee was also very popular here. Many patrons ordered it with large river prawns. Decided to forgo the prawns to keep the cholesterol down and was not disappointed. The taste of the simple Loh Mee was delicious, comparable, if not better than Ulu Yam’s.

Just drive the Dengkil and look for Sinki which is right in the middle in a row of shops. You can miss it. The drive out from KL to this small eatery is definitely worth the trouble.


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