Killing a Priest on a Sunday, that’ll be a Good One

It isn’t often that we get a movie which does not have sex, violence and action but yet can capture your imagination and interest to sit glued to your seat waiting for the moments to unravel. In fact, it is so rare that I cannot recall a similar movie in recent history.


Anyway, Brendan Gleeson has managed to pull this off in his role as Father James in an Irish release, “Calvary” which is focused in a small town where Father James had someone confessed to him in the confessional booth that he will kill him the following Sunday.

The whole movie then twines around Father James’ character as he moves about in the congregation during the next six days and going through the lives of the congregation. It was a “who is going to do it” plot that will keep you guessing until the very last moment and for you to wonder whether Father James is really going to be killed.

It was truly a masterpiece for me and it definitely will rank amongst my best movie of the year.

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