Jeriau Waterfalls

Jeriau Falls can be reached by car via a winding 4 km road from Fraser’s town centre. During dry seasons, the falls is reduced to small trickle. If you drive all the way and view a dry waterfalls, you would be in for a disappointment. To enjoy a true expedition to Jeriau Falls, you must walk all the way after the rains.

2009_10_17 008

First and foremost, walking after a downpour would be most pleasant as the air would be fresh and cool. And you will get to see a waterfalls and not a little drain.


Mei & I had our afternoon tea at the Smokehouse in Fraser’s. Was very disappointed with the scones which we would rate well below their famous namesake in Cameron Highlands. The butter cakes were a disaster while the tea was weak.

We left the Smokehouse for a 3 km walk to Jeriau Falls. It started drizzling when we started our walk and this cooled the temperature down to around 19 degrees Celsius. Perfect for an afternoon stroll. Traffic was non existent on the winding road which snakes its way down hill all the way which promoted me to think the return trip where it would be an uphill climb all the way. As we proceed downhill, the drizzle turned to rain. It was pouring towards the end but we were determine to continue.


A super tall tree


A lovely stream leading to the waterfalls


The  long flight of stairs down to the falls.


Jeriau Falls in its more glorious volume. Been here the third time but seeing a ‘real’ falls for the first time. The previous time looked more like a small water drop rather than water falls.

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  1. shorthorse says:

    The never ending walk…. It seemed at the moment… 🙂

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