Fish Head Bee Hoon @ SS20

We wanted to go for our favourite salted fish fried bee hoon and braised pork rib at “Yau Tak Teng” is SS20 but to our disappointment it was closed. We had no choice but to explore within the vicinity of SS20 for dinner.

We move on to the shop lots where “Super Tanker” is located and decided on a shop in the middle called SS20 Fish Head Noodle.

2014-05-22 SS20 Fish Head Bee Hoon (1)

The shop looked clean, brightly lit and the offering looked good on first impression. We ordered the Fish Head Bee Hoon with an extra bowl of vegetables with fish paste.

2014-05-22 SS20 Fish Head Bee Hoon (2)

2014-05-22 SS20 Fish Head Bee Hoon (4)

Our verdict was that it was very good, in fact better than the famous Woo Pin Fish Head.

It was truly a pleasant surprise and a gem of a find.

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3 Responses to Fish Head Bee Hoon @ SS20

  1. shorthorse says:

    No regrets indeed… Much nicer than Woo Pin which seems to have garnered more publicity and in turn earning itself a place in Lot 10’s Hutong…

  2. Kate says:

    Hello! We are compiling the best of food & drink recommendations around the world and would like your permission to feature a trimmed part of your post in our site.I will add in your blog post link to the feature and credit your blog. Hope to hear from you soon!

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