Pine Tree Hill


Fraser’s Hill is the perfect place for beginners who want to orientate themselves with trekking. There are

  1. Mager Trail
  2. Hemmant Trail 
  3. Kindersley Trail
  4. Bishop’s Trail
  5. Maxwell Trail
  6. RompinTrail
  7. Abu Suradi Trail

All are good introduction for beginners as they starts and ends within public roads which makes getting lost very unlikely, unless you are an absolute idiot. The most important thing to do is to stick to the trails. All should be clear. Do not venture into non trails or undergrowth and you will be fine.

2009_10_17 008

For the more adventurous and those who want a good work out, Pine Tree Hill is a good moderate 11 km trek throughpristine primary jungle in a perfect climate.

2009_10_17 020

To get to the trail head, just drive left past the clock tower in the main square and proceed straight until you reach a roundabout. Take the immediate left (9 o’clock) and proceed to a junction. Take the second road (opposite road), this is the Sri Pahang road. Proceed until the end of the road and park. The trail head is after Seri Intan, the Telekoms apartments on your right opposite Admiralty.

From the trail head it is a straight forward trek all the way to the peak.

We start off by going down hill for the 1st km. Then it is a climb, a descend, a climb, a descend and one final climb.


You will know you have reached the peak when you reached a 80 degrees rock face. It looks scarier than it actually is. A bit of a climb will bring you to the peak. But it is the coming down which is more scary.


At the peak, you will be rewarded with excellent views.

2009_10_17 034


It is well worth the 2 hours trek to the peak. If you have another hour to spare, you can trek further to a lower peak but was told has better views.

Trek Pine Tree Hill

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  1. shorthorse says:

    Twas a good trek…. Twin Peaks next!

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