Tabur East

The more popular trail for Bukit Tabur would be Tabur West. This is the trail which had been where accidents and fatalities had been dominating the news and is every parent’s nightmare when their children chose to do some hiking. Religiously, every Sunday, hundreds of hikers would be jamming up the narrow paths of Tabur West. It is just pure statistics of the sheer amount of numbers especially of many first timers, that an accident will happen.

Lesser known on the Eastern side away from the crowd is the Bukit Tabur East trail.

Giant Pipes of Melawati

To access Tabur East, you will have to look for the giant pipes that lead to Klang Gates.

2011 10 30  04







The giant pipes will lead you to an obscure jungle trail on the right side which is a straight climb uphill.


2011 10 30  07


After 15 minutes of climbing through the jungle trail, you get to see a break of skyline. This indicate the peak is near.


Hiking Up towards Tabur West










Soon you will emerge from the jungle.


2011 10 30  10









Emerging from the jungle trail, you will catch the view of the dam.

2011 10 30  11








Spectacular view of the dam.


Tabur East Dam View







Looking at the direction of Tabur West. Could only see the first peak. The other eight peaks lies beyond the first peak.


Looking at Tabur West Peak






At the opposite direction, we could see Tabur East Peak, our destination.


Tabur East Peak







The climb from the first ridge to the peak takes another 30 minutes which involved a climb on a virtually 90 degrees rock wall up about 50 feet. Lo0ks scary and definitely not for the faint hearted.


Dam View







Conquering the wall, you will be rewarded with unobstructed view of the Klang Gates.

Reaching Tabur East Peak






Finally reaching the peak of Tabur East.



KL View From East Peak







Great view of KL from Tabur East.








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