Doi Angkhang – 1928 meters

Came across Doi Angkhang while I was doing some research on the highest peaks in Thailand. The highest, Doi Inthanon at 2,565 meters can be reached by road. This did not interest us as it would have been filled with tourists. Doi Angkhang looked an interesting trekking prospect instead especially it was only 162 km from Chiang Mai and it is next to the Burmese border.

May & I left immediately after breakfast, planning to reach before noon.

 It was my second day driving in Thailand and I was quite excited. The drive took us out of the city of Chiang Mai towards the North. Initially, traffic was quite heavy but after about 45 km out, the traffic thinned out and we had the road to overselves. The road condition was excellent, road signs adequate and driving was a pleasure.
We passed by some nice farmlands which prompted a photo stop.
 After more driving, we decide to stop at lovely tea stop.
 We finally reached Doi Angkhang National Park after 4 hours of driving which included photo stops and tea stops. It was a campsite unlike any we have seen. There were food vendors, tents and equipments for rent, camp fires for rent with tents pitched side by side like terraced housing.
 Interestingly, we found a mystical old man blowing his flute at the camp site.
The view from the camp site was definitely promising of what we could expect from the peak. The little village in the distance looked nice but we did not have time to explore. It was already close the 1 pm. We decided to seek for the trail to climb to the peak of Doi Angkhang.Drove to the a military camp nearby where the trail supposed to start.
 We could see the peak of Doi Angkhang from the military camp but there was no sight of any trail heads.
 Since we could see the peak and have the general direction in mind, we decided to just bash through with our own ascent. We just climb and bashed through thick bushes.Had to turn back a couple of times when the bushes were too thick to pass and we reached some ravines which we could not cross. We back tracked and moved upwards again.

 After 45 minutes of hiking and looking for trails to the peak, we heard voices. We knew we were close. We finally found some clearing and there were wide trails leading upwards. We were finally out of the wilderness.

 We reached a hut on a false peak which looked like an army outlook post on top of the mountain.
Then we met some locals returning from the peak. This lady, a lecturer from a local university could speak good English and to our relief told us that the peak was just another 5 minutes hike.
 Finally standing at the peak of Doi Angkhang – 1928 meters
 No regrets for making the climb even though a short one but the view was truly rewarding.
 The peak was a breath taking view of Myanmar on one side and Thailand on the other.


After taking in as much of the view as possible, we followed the locals down the mountain via the correct trail. It was only 15 minutes down to the main road. We exited about 200 meters from the military camp where we tried to look for the trail.

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