Football Blues

August 13, 2011 is the most awaited date. Football fans will recover from their withdrawal symptons and the taps in pubs will pour again.  The Barclays Premier League season 2011/2012 will kick off again. The new comers; Queen Park Rangers, Norwich City and Swansea would provide a fresh look to the league although West Ham would be sadly missed.

The draw has been kind to the big teams which have been kept apart on opening day with the biggest clash arguably would be between Tottenham Hotspurs and Everton.

Arsenal probably has the most difficult start for the season, playing Newcastle United on 13 August, followed by Liverpool on 20 August and Manchester United on 27 August. Chelsea has the easiest start and should top the table with full points by end August.

Whatever happens, August would be an explosive month!

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One Response to Football Blues

  1. Shorthorse says:

    Auspicious number indeed!

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