Not Anwar Again?!

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim hits the news again today with allegations of being a porn star together with a Chinese looking woman in a video which was shown to the media by an unidentified Dato T.

Dato Seri Anwar denied immediately as the Malaysian public appears anxious to find out the real truth behind video. Was it really Anwar or is it another smear campaign by the BN who timed it perfectly on the same day as the dissolution of the Sarawak State Government.

If it was truly him, Dato Seri Anwar had just killed himself politically by denying the claims. If  not, then this could be the breakthrough for him to garner more support. So it is an either win all or lose all situation for him. But either way, the people who suffers the most would be his family members.  

For BN, if it was Anwar, they could kill off the opposition leader but they still have not address the sentiment of dissatisfaction of at least 30% of the population. If it wasn’t Anwar, then they could win more votes in Sarawak but will lose big time in the upcoming General Elections. Either way, it is appears to be a desperate measure. If was truly Anwar, it was a wrong strategy to release it at the same time as the dissolution of the Sarawak State Government. The dissolution should be delayed for at least a month.

For the Rakyat, everyone is sick and tired and want to puke with the politics in Malaysia. The opposition had a big win during the last election, not because of Anwar Ibrahim but more because of poor governance and bad examples led by the BN government. Just look at the opposition candidates the last round. The number of first time winners signify that almost anyone could have been elected. The Rakyat just want a change. Unless BN truly addresses the social issues which the Rakyat faces, one less Anwar Ibrahim or one less Lim Kit Siang or one less Nik Aziz does not change the Rakyat.

It is strange that in this 21st century, our politicians are still practising 20th century tactics. Do they think the Rakyat can still be led by the nose like cows?

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One Response to Not Anwar Again?!

  1. shorthorse says:

    So LAME right? One would have thought they have nothing better to do than to go round promoting and directing porn….humph!

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