Emma Watson – A New Goddess Is Born

The coming of age of child stars of the past decade has been utterly disappointing as most of them couldn’t handle the fame. The worst of the lot has to be Britney Spears, who turned out to be a first class b*.* and s*.*.

There is hope, however in Hermoine Granger, the heroine in the Harry Potter series. Emma Watson who started as a cute little lass in the first Harry Potter’s the instalment, The Philosopher’s Stone.

By the sixth movie; The Half Blood Prince, Emma had turned into a pretty young lady but still with the sense of innocense.

The rebranding of the young adult, Emma Watson is a total change and behold the New Lancome Ambassador is absolutely stunning.

Emma Watson has managed to add class to her new look and we may be witnessing a new Goddess in the making.

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One Response to Emma Watson – A New Goddess Is Born

  1. shorthorse says:

    Aye Aye to that! I must say that the youngsters from HP did all turn out nicely IMHO …what with Ron turning out to be a ugly cute kind of hunk and well Harry … What can I say but to wish him all the best for his future in Broadway. Did you know he sings, dancers and speaks with an AmericAn accent in his latest venture?

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