Child’s Eye 3D – Worst 3D movie

Imaging a Chinese horrow movie in 3D, a Pang brothers shoot, location in black magic eerie Thailand, stars Shawn Yue, Rannie Yang, Elanne Kwong. It all adds up to a promising thriller. But………….

Child’s Eye was another attempt by the Pang brothers in flogging a dying horse. They have added the 3D technology to try and spice up the movie. The result was a very dissappointing movie when the 3D technology totally killed the movie. The 3D effects looked like some grade school kids attempt in a science project for a ‘show and tell’. It is definitely better to watch the move in its normal version and not waste the money for the 3D. The effects were attrocious and the tinted 3D glasses made the dark scenes even darker, making the movie looked like it was shot by amateurs who failed badly in the lighting for the movie.

Throw the 3D out, the movie is reasonably entertaining, the story line is good but it could have been much better if not for the poor acting. The movie focussed on Rainie Yang who acted as though she was having a bad dating experience rather than actually confronting the supernatural.

Watch only if you are utterly bored and have the time to kill. But don’t even think about the 3D version. It truly sucks.

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4 Responses to Child’s Eye 3D – Worst 3D movie

  1. shorthorse says:

    I disagree… don’t even watch it if you’re utterly bored…. not worth wasting your time … better to go spend it on a beer or something..

  2. Gina says:

    lucky ada feedback. But then, I will never watch a chinese movie in 3D – totally waste of money!

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