The Amazing Race Asia 4 – First three eliminations

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 – Has been very dissappointing up to the first 5 legs, lacking both suspense in the race and character in the contestants. I believe the main failure comes from the poor editting, poor camera work and some pretty lame challenges presented. Perhaps, the organisers’ obsession with good looks, with 7 teams out of 10, having movie stars looks has backfired badly.

This is evident in the first team which was eliminated; Nadine & Yanie.

The two Indonesian beauties looked totally out of place, coming in last at the first leg and they were again the  last to arrive at the second leg. They were just not competitive. Put them in a Spa or a high end shopping mall, they will blend in perfectly. But in the Amazing Race, they were like ducks out of the water. Yanie is definitely is the coolest looking gal contestant, so out goes the coolest gal and one of the 7 model teams at the first leg.

It was history repeating itself for the 3rd leg when the best looking couple, Alan and Wendy came in last. Fortunately for them, it was a non elimination race. But it was proven again that looks don’t with the Amazing Race. You need brawn and brains. You need to be competitive. You need to fight to the last step. Alan and Wendy (the prettiest contestant) found out that their good looks just could tie them through as they came in last again in the 4th leg and were eliminated. So out goes the best looking couple and the prettiest gal. That’s two out of the 7 model teams.

At the 5th leg, it was the cutest guy team; Sahil and Manas to be booted out.

Sahil and Manas were competiting for survival with a 53 year old and his daughter. One who think that the boys in their twenties would have been the stronger team but they practically strolled to the finish line. They were just not racing and out goes the cutest boys.

So that’s three of out the 7 model teams eliminated at the first 3 eliminations.

There are 7 teams remaining. Who will be eliminated next? Will it be another model team?

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2 Responses to The Amazing Race Asia 4 – First three eliminations

  1. shorthorse says:

    Well… India’s still got representation with the girls… and they are strong contenders! Very smart, very intelligent… I think they will go far in the game …

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