World Football Rankings – Bottom 107

Aug 2010 – So where exactly is Malaysia ranked amongst the 207 teams ranked by FIFA?

Well, Malaysia is the 142nd top football nation in the world according to FIFA. From the bottom, Malaysia is the 65th bottom football nation in the world. Yes, Malaysia is in the bottom one third.  

Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia are all ranked above Malaysia. More incredibly, Cape Verde Islands, Rwanda, Faroe Islands, Congo and Fiji are also ranked above Malaysia.

Truly a sad situation for a team which has qualified for the Olympics twice and a team which was considered an Asian football power house. 

Rank Team Continent
101 Guinea Africa
102 Gambia Africa
103 Korea DPR Asia
104 Iraq Asia
105 Thailand Asia
106 Azerbaijan Asia
107 Congo Africa
108 Cape Verde Islands Africa
109 Yemen Asia
110 Zimbabwe Africa
111 Georgia Europe
112 Tanzania Africa
113 Rwanda Africa
114 Cuba Central America
115 Kenya Africa
116 Luxembourg Europe
117 Faroe Islands Europe
118 Guatemala Central America
119 Namibia Africa
119 Guyana Central America
121 Singapore Asia
121 Sudan Africa
123 Suriname Africa
124 Congo DR Africa
124 Chad Africa
126 Kazakhstan Asia
127 Vietnam Asia
128 Barbados Central America
129 Antigua and Barbuda Central America
130 Haiti Central America
130 Fiji Oceania
132 India Asia
133 Grenada Central America
134 Swaziland Africa
135 Hong Kong Asia
136 Turkmenistan Asia
137 Tajikistan Asia
138 Indonesia Asia
139 Sierra Leone Africa
140 Liechtenstein Europe
141 Burundi Africa
142 Malaysia Asia
143 Myanmar Asia
144 Madagascar Africa
145 Maldives Asia
146 Ethiopia Africa
147 St. Kitts and Nevis Central America
147 Niger Africa
147 Equatorial Guinea Africa
150 Netherlands Antilles Central America
151 Lebanon Asia
152 Malta Europe
153 Bangladesh Asia
154 Lesotho Africa
155 Sri Lanka Asia
156 Nepal Asia
156 Liberia Africa
158 Eritrea Africa
159 Bermuda Central America
160 St. Vincent and the Grenadines Central America
161 Nicaragua Central America
162 New Caledonia Oceania
163 Pakistan Asia
163 Vanuatu Oceania
165 Kyrgyzstan Asia
166 Chinese Taipei Asia
167 Philippines Asia
168 Mauritania Africa
169 Solomon Islands Oceania
170 Puerto Rico Central America
171 Palestine Asia
172 Comoros Africa
173 Somalia Africa
173 Laos Asia
173 Cayman Islands Central America
176 Samoa Oceania
177 Mauritius Africa
177 Seychelles Asia
179 Bahamas Central America
180 Dominica Central America
180 Cambodia Asia
182 Mongolia Asia
182 Belize Central America
182 Turks and Caicos Islands Central America
185 Dominican Republic Central America
186 Tonga Oceania
187 Brunei Darussalam Asia
188 St. Lucia Central America
188 Guinea-Bissau Africa
188 Tahiti Oceania
191 Djibouti Africa
191 British Virgin Islands Central America
193 Guam Oceania
193 Afghanistan Asia
193 Cook Islands Oceania
196 Macau Asia
197 Aruba Central America
198 Bhutan Asia
199 US Virgin Islands Oceania
200 Timor-Leste Asia
201 Andorra Europe
202 San Marino Europe
202 Anguilla Central America
202 Montserrat Central America
202 American Samoa Oceania
202 Central African Republic Africa
202 Papua New Guinea Asia


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7 Responses to World Football Rankings – Bottom 107

  1. Omar Oliveira says:

    “More incredibly, Cape Verde Islands(…)are also ranked above Malaysia.” Dude do you watch soccer? Cape Verde tied Portugal at Portugal. Has beat great teams like Senegal and Algeria. Has had players naturalized in different countries (Fernandes playing for Switzerland) and born to Cape Verdean Parents (Nani, Varela, Miguel, and many others from Portugal) Descendents: Vieira (born in Senegal to Cape Verdean parents, Henrik Larson (Cape Verdean father), Evra (France), … what does malasya has to show for?

    • asme says:

      Hi Omar,

      No offence intended for Cape Verde. Cape Verde may have some famous descendents but as a nation, they are still in the footballing wilderness.

      Malaysia has qualified for the Olympics twice. I believe that internationally, this is a better track record than having a few good games. Having said that, the standard of football in Malaysia today is really horrendous. Possibly worse than Cape Verde. 🙂

  2. Omar says:

    If we were part of that confederation, we would qualify for the olympics as well. Tell me about the good games that Malaysia has played?

  3. Joe Maybury says:

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