World Cup South Africa

The World Cup in South Africa finally concluded with an anti-climatic and disappointing Final.

The official honours went to : – 

Champions – Spain
Best Player – Diego Forlan
Top Scorer – Thomas Mueller
Best Young Player – Thomas Muller

Undoubtedly, Spain deserved the title after their perseverance over the month long tournament but somehow it felt hollow, except if you are  Spanish or a die hard Spanish fan, I felt Spain just did not win it convincing enough.

My best and worst for this World Cup are:-

Best Team – Germany
Best Coach – Bert van Marwijk
Best Player – Thomas Mueller
Best Goal – Diego Forlan (vs Germany)
Most Unlucky – Paraguay
Most Creditable – New Zealand
Most Deserving Team – England (going home early)
Worst Diver – Andres Iniesta
Worst Conceded Goal – Robert Green
Worst Flop (Team) – Brazil
Worst Flop (Player) – Cristiano Ronaldo
Worst Coach – Raymond Domenech
Worst Team – France

Lastly, the most undeserving – Andres Iniesta, Man of the Match For The Finals. Unfortunately, winning is what counts. Not fairplay or intregrity.

Let’s hope for Brazil, 2014.

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3 Responses to World Cup South Africa

  1. Shorthorse says:

    Forlan’s deserving of the honours ….. Absolutely love the guy. As for the final match… Not entertaining at all… Lacking in flow and so much diving …. Hmmph. The 3rd/4th placing match was much more pleasurable to watch!

  2. Shorthorse says:

    Ghana is not the most unlucky????? ;D

  3. asme says:

    Ghana were not unlucky. They kicked themselves by missing the penalty.

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