Manchester United New Home Kit

The new 2010/2011 season kicks off August 14 and as usual, Manchester United unveiled a new home kit for the season with their new sponsors AON. Gone are the familiar AIG logo and the famous V design which was probably the most catchy kit that the Red Devils  introduced ever.

The latest Manchester United home shirt appears to have gone back to the basics. It looks very much like the ones that Beckham, Scholes, Neville, Butt and Giggs wore when they first broke into the team 20 years ago. Maybe it is an indication that United needs to go back to the basics after losing their grip on the English premiership this year. In comparison with this season’s home kit, the new home kit would appear a bit dull and plain especially the accompanying shorts which is fully white with the MU logo on one side and Nike on the other.


The most striking item of the home kit are the two toned socks which is red on top with a white bottom. This is the main difference compared with their home kit of 20 years ago when the socks was all black.

I love the socks. Overall, I think the new home kit goes back to the basics where the game is football and not some fashion show on the field. Truly hope the new home kit would spur the players to put their mind back to the basics which is to play good and plain football. This could be a reborn Manchester United.

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2 Responses to Manchester United New Home Kit

  1. shorthorse says:

    Hmmm… the jersey does look very basic indeed… The two toned socks are truly fab … how much are they?

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