Ampang Hilir Park

                                                                                                                                                                             Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir – The latest park in the Klang Valley was a rehabilitation program of a former squatter colony.  The park can be seen along the MRR2 if you are heading towards Ampang from Cheras on the left hand side about 400 meters after Tesco, just before the Ampang exit. It is actually located along Jalan Ampang Hilir while Jalan Kedondong pretty goes around and covers half the park area.

Kudos to Dewan Bandaraya for successfully transforming a crime infested tumor in close proximity to the embassy row to a tranquil green haven. You could do bird watching in the park, which are in abundance, attracted by the water and the greenery.

The squatter land has been cleared and replaced with modern public housing.

Beautifully manicured lawn covers what is one of the city’s smallest lake garden.  It is new and everything looked top top. Dewan Bandaraya has created a little gem, now we wope that they will maintain it well instead letting it go to waste like some of the older park projects.

To complete the picturesque scene, the city skyline with the twin towers could be seen in the western shore of the lake.

The biggest downside to this park is that the jogging trek does not go round the lake. The jogging trek is a short 1.1 km trek covering 70% of the lake only to be stopped abruptly by two mansions built at the lake side. There is a ridiculous mini round-about at the end of the trek for joggers to make a U-turn. The jogging trek is only about 8 feet wide, so you could imagine the chaos with two way traffic on a crowded day.

Best to visit after the rains on a quiet afternoon. Forget about jogging there.


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8 Responses to Ampang Hilir Park

  1. Teoh Yew Aun says:

    Hi, your website is similiar like mine. Outdoor and travel and waterfalls.
    Let’s keep each other notified of our trips shall we?

    • asme says:

      Thanks for the kind visit Yew Aun. Much humbled as I see you are an tri-athlete. My! My! That’s leaps ahead of me. 🙂 CAn I add you to my blogroll?

  2. gina says:

    That’s a very nice shot of the building’s reflection and the lalangs, Tony!

  3. shorthorse says:

    There would be much more value to this park as an exercise circuit if only it was a complete circle round the lake, instead of having to double back…

  4. gurdesh says:

    hi there..where did you get the info on the lenght of the jogging track as even dbkl could not provide me those details… many say it’s 1.8 to about 2 km…

    • asme says:

      Hi Gurdesh. Sorry for the late reply. I used a GPS to measure the length of the jogging track. It should be accurate with up to a 10% margin of error.

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