Another Year Gone

It has been ages since I last blog. Been too busy on FB and also had quite a number of activities moving at the same time. A full year has passed, an eventful year filled with more mountain hiking in one year than I ever did in the rest of my life. The ultimate was of course Kinabalu but Nuang thrice, Buah Bunga, Kutu, Irau, Jasar, Perdah, Panorama, Ketumbar Heights, several Taburs, Apehs, Sapu Tangans, Brogas and Gasings made it a full year. Met many interesting new friends in the course of the year.

All this set the bench mark for 2010 pretty high. 

Started the year slow and relaxed. Spent quality time with old friends in cold (as low as 13 degrees Celsius) Cameron.  

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to 2010. Must move on forward. Come what may for a better year.

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9 Responses to Another Year Gone

  1. shorthorse says:

    Yes yes …. we must move foward …. come what may indeed… Que Sera Sera ….. 143…

  2. Pink Jeans says:

    Not just a better year ahead, a better decade for all…shall it be the booming fifties then?

  3. gina says:

    Wah.. already 21st day to the new year liao as I commented! Happy new year! 😀

  4. asme says:

    This is the second month. How time flies?!

    Well, If I lived to 90, I have lived half my lifetime?

  5. Yit Peng says:

    going to be kongsi kongsi ni yah!!!

    Cheers man!! c u sometime during CNY. Btw we were conned again this year for beer. Beli first round RM100 plus per carton. The they advertise RM88.88. We beli 3 more carton then arhhhggggg!!! Rm83.88. Aiyah

  6. Yit Peng says:

    stupid Carrefour advertised RM73.88 yesterday. sob sob.

    definitely CONNED.

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