American Idol Best Season Ever

American Idol Season 8 proved to be the best season ever, as all of the final 10 contestants were good enough to be the winners. Competition was stiff. Pure quality soared through the roof into the skies. It was the best quality American Idol of all seasons.  Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey would have won if they had competed in any other seasons but Kris Allen managed to upstaged both of them at the final stretch.










Kris Allen excelled when it counted most, in the final show. The only difference in the final, was that he sanged the final song a touch better than Adam. In all honesty, the song just did not suit Adam’s singing style. 

While Kris walked away with the grand prize, Adam was truly the real star of Season 8. He has the most powerful voice which he managed to perfection with his voice control. His flamboyance overflow night after night, so much that you can’t get enough of him.












For me, the highlight of the whole season was during the results night where Adam performed with KISS.

It was an American Idol season which is unlikely to be surpassed in seasons to come.

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3 Responses to American Idol Best Season Ever

  1. A.P. Taylor says:

    Check out this hilarious video, “The Kris Allen Tolerance & Rehab Center,” dedicated to helping all those Adam Lambert fans cope with their hero’s recent loss, LoL!

  2. shorthorse says:

    Well said my man…. your blog sums it all up!

  3. asme says:

    Thanks Taylor for sharing the video.

    Thank you SH! It was truly a great season.

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