My Take on Radius International Hotel’s Coffee House

March 5 – Met up with an old friend and had breakfast at the coffeehouse ( called Kopitiam but nothing resembling one) in Radius International Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The first impression was that the place looked pretty cramped up and the breakfast buffet spread looked pretty bad. The Teo Chew porridge did not have enough condiments. The fried keow teow looked underfried.

I settled for the local favourite which is the nasi lemak. On appearance, it looked okay. They had freshly cut cucumbers and half boiled eggs to accompany the rice. The sambal looked a bit watery.

Overall, it looked much better than the taste. The nasi tasted like normal boiled rice. The sambal which makes or break the dish was absolutely horrendous. It was such a put off that I felt like nauseated after the tiny portion which I took.

My Take Absolutely bad. Forget about having breakfast at the Radius International Hotel.

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3 Responses to My Take on Radius International Hotel’s Coffee House

  1. Pink Jeans says:

    Mana ini Radius International Hotel? Must make a mental note not to go there. I usually don’t have anything more than a slice of toast or a pack of instant noodles for breakfast, but since coming back I’ve been gorging myself on the fried noodles, dim sum and pancakes at the complimentary buffet of the temporary accommodation I’m staying at. Unfortunately no nasi lemak…

  2. shorthorse says:

    Ahahaha…next time just go to OLD TOWN Kopitiam… hee hee ~ cheap & good!

  3. gina says:

    You ah.. where got ppl eat breakfast at a hotel coffee shop one.. unless you stay the night and get free breakfast? since you are already in changkat bukit bintang, i think probably you could drive a little to dang wangi to Yut Kee for hainanese breakfast or, just cross the road opposite Yut Kee for the nasi lemak that gotten ppl made a bee line for, every morning? 😀 And I think any place in jalan alor serve good breakfast.. I went to one coffee shop along jalan alor and it has really good karipap! 😀

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