The New Year Is On The Way












(Our bottle of wine in our study)

Jan 3 – Slow start to the year but smooth and steady. We have not made any resolutions but climbing KK seemed to be one. Will probably planned for mid year. But I have decided to lose 10 kgs for the KK climb. Meanwhile, we climb a few mountains back in the  Peninsular before we attempt KK. Will start will with Gunung Datok, Gunung Kutu and Gunung Angsi. Hopefully, we can move on to Gunung Nuang and Gunung Yong Yap by June before we attempt KK. Well, I am 100 kgs as per 1st January 2009 and I have to be 89 kgs or less by June 2009. Seems like a tall order since I have not been under 90 kgs for like a decade. 

Anyway, was in office in the morning. Things under control. Had to trouble shoot a couple matters where staff misinterpret instructions. Had a visitor as well, marketing matters. Resolved that in a jiffy and I was ready to leave by 12.35 pm. Had to continue my drive back to KL and to add mileage towards my journey around the globe four times. Back home for porridge lunch as it was pouring like cats and dogs. Normally, I will pick Mei up at Putra to have lunch outside. Anyway, lunch at home was great especially it was the first carbo I have taken in 36 hours. Nap in the afternoon, FB a bit then I actually bugged Mei to go for a jog. All the time it has been her bugging me to jog but have not ran since Christmas. Just needed to sweat it out. Finally, we tore ourselves away from the desktop and Mac and did our run. I finally managed to jog up a steep 100 meters hill without stopping and continued non stop for 3 km. Felt that I had another 2 km in me but it was getting dark.

After our shower, we attempted to watch a movie at the Gardens Premier Cinemas. OMG. All the nine pm plus seats were taken. Sucks! Who was says there is a recession? We went to Mid Valley and the queue was until MacDonald’s Forget it.

We went for our dinner instead. Sushi King. For the first time, I did not take a single piece of sushi. God knows I love sushi. Too much carbo. Took a whole Sashimi Moriewashi by myself instead. As compensation, I took  spider roll and a few strands of Mei’s Udon. Nuff for the day. Control….

Anyway, we wanted some German beer after our dinner and we looked for the Sports Bar at the ground floor. Found that it was closed. Walked around and could find any watering holes except for Chilies.  I loved the Margarita at Chillies but the branch at Mid Valley looked too much like a restaurant for my liking.

We decide to go home and have a bottle of wine by ourselves. Here I am one bottle of wine gone. We moved on to beer because we dare not open another bottle as we have to wake up at 6 am for another trek, another day. 

Jan 4 – here we come.

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4 Responses to The New Year Is On The Way

  1. Pink Jeans says:

    LOL…looks like calories you deprived yourself of in terms of carbo, you made up with in terms of alcohol. Maybe you should join the Hash House Harriers? Gan Bei!

  2. shorthorse says:

    …ahahaha.. you forgot we shared a beer after the bottle of wine finished… Great muddy trek later on wasn’t it?

  3. gina says:

    Hiking is NEVER, NEVER my cup of tea. LOL!

    Gan bei to alcohol!

  4. asme says:

    Hahaha. Didn’t some one say a bottle of wine a day keep the doctor away.

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