Sg Ampang Waterfalls

Nov 2, 2008 – It was our second outing with the Waterfalls Survivors. Rendezvous was set for 7.00 a.m. at the Zoo Negara car park but as usual Malaysians tend to be tardy. The numbers finally came to a total of 34 before we proceed for breakfast in Kg Kemansah at 8.00 a.m.

The old faces from the first outing were Joe, Leo, Hong, Nur, Harris, Mandy, Esther, June Yee and Gary. Amongst the new faces whose names I could remember were Ee, Ben, Vaani, Lian Kee, Soo Wei, William, Andy, Thomas, Elaine, Alexx, Mei San, Louie, Chee Wyi, Sean, Jin Chang and Alind.

Sg Ampang Expedition


Our destination for the day was the Sg Ampang Waterfalls. To get to the waterfalls, we had to travel through the side road beside Zoo Negara. After about 3 km, the road ends on top of a hill where the Institut Budaya Baru Melayu (IBBM). There is no choice but to bypass the property of IBBM, in order to get to the trail to waterfalls. We were charged RM 10 per person use a 75 meter stretch of land to get to the trail. Being ardent waterfalls fans, we paid the highway fee of RM 340 despite the feeling of being fleeced.


From IBBM, it was a brisk trek through some secondary jungle and a bamboo forest before we come to a fork junction. We took the left turn and proceed until we reached a camp site. After the camp site, there was another fork where we took the right trail to get to the 1st waterfalls.

1st Sg Ampang Waterfalls


The 1st waterfalls was a small one without sufficient space for a group of 34.

Waterfalls Fruits

After a picture stop of the gushing waters against the morning sunlight and of an abundant fruit tree, we left for the second waterfalls. We backtracked about 30 meters and took a right up hill trail which took us up beyond the 1st waterfalls. From there, we started our river trekking.


It was truly an interesting experience as we had to navigate up and down boulders while slogging our way through one to three feet deep of flowing waters. The shades provided by the jungle foliage overhead and the chilly cool waters made the journey most pleasant.

Sg Ampang Waterfalls

We soon reached the 2nd waterfalls


We had to go through a trail upwards to get to the 3rd waterfalls. This was the spot where we were swarmed with leaches. They were everywhere but since there were 34 of us, the feeding grounds for the leaches were pretty widespread and the damage was minimal.

Trekking in Sg Ampang


From the 3rd waterfalls, we had to hike up a 60˚ slope to get to the 4th waterfalls. At certain parts, we had to go on all fours but surprisingly 32 of us made it without a problem. A pair of love birds opted to stay behind at the 3rd waterfalls for their quiet time together.


Thanks to Thomas and his GPS, we managed to take a short-cut from the 4th waterfalls to main jungle trail which took us back to the camping site.


Overall, it was great river trekking experience and a real leech extravaganza but most memorable of the trip was the oportunity to new friends.

Gary & Hong

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6 Responses to Sg Ampang Waterfalls

  1. Pink Jeans says:

    Ooooh…60 degree slope sounds really challenging. Football boots might help?

  2. asme says:

    Hahaha! Football boots won’t work.

    We crawled up on all fours. Luckily for us, it was only a short 15 meters. The rest of the way wasn’t so steep. Mei suggested to bring a shovel next time to dig footholds. That’s a good idea. 🙂

  3. shorthorse says:

    Actually, the 60% steepness part of the trail was kinda scary …. I remember cling on all fours on the slope & thinking “OH SHIT” when YOU and a few guys in front started saying “Who said there was a trail from here ah? … It’s very steep here & the trail’s not clear”.

  4. asme says:

    Yeah! The two guys panicked and insisted that we cannot go higher. Only Harris saved the day when he perservered and managed to get past the 60 degrees obstacle.

  5. gina says:

    Is there any waterfalls where you can just drive up and walk 5 minutes to enjoy the waterfall? Lol!

  6. asme says:

    There are many waterfalls where you can drive up.

    Chamang Falls in Bentong is one beautiful falls in this category. If that’s too far. then Gabai Falls in Ulu Langat is ok too.

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