Syabas! Our New Chief Justice

Well. It is true. I am back. Back from a 2 months hiatus. Friends been asking why have I stopped blogging. Have I been busy? Have I been engaged in more interesting endeavours.

Busy ? A bit! More interesting endeavours? Possibly Facebook.! But the truth is that I have been inactive because I have not been motivated to write. So much has happened in the local Malaysian political scene that keeps my tummy churning inside out. I feel like puking each time I read the papers or switch on the TV. How could I be motivated to write about other things, about life, about my encounters, about what I feel when I feel sick most of the time. You need to have the feel, especially the good feeling in order to write about something otherwise it just for the sake of writing. I feel sick. I guess I am not alone. I guess most Malaysians feel sick too.

The Malaysian state of affairs is really sad. It is the darkest period in its history. A period where common sense fails and greed triumphed. Everyone have their share of horror stories and if I were to start wrting what saddens me, I could continue writing until 2009.

What sums everything up perfectly is my article back in December 6, 2007. I was only 6 months late in my assessment. Syabas!! We now have a Chief Justice who sat on the bench as a judge less than one year.

Check out my December 6, 2007 article –

I could only echo Patrick’s words – Niamah

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One Response to Syabas! Our New Chief Justice

  1. gina says:

    Yeah… you are not alone.. that is why I never want to write about the current going ons in our country because it’s just one huge circus!

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