Most Memorable Weddings

Weddings are supposed to be special occasions not only for the bride and groom but more often than not, they can be very memorable occasions for the guests as well. I can’t recall how many weddings I have attended but I have gone through my share of memorable weddings, sometimes for the wrong reasons.


My most memorable wedding experience was:-


How I spent the night in the Honeymoon Suite – Not many guests get to sleep in the honeymoon suite together with the bride and groom that why this was truly my most unforgettable occasion.


It was Alex and Ran’s wedding where we were loitering after the dinner because K. Lan was waiting for her husband to pick her up. We all couldn’t bear to leave her waiting alone, so we, KT, Gwen, FT, Casey, May & I waited with her.


Alex then asked us to help finish the barrel of beer which he had bought for the dinner and when we started, we couldn’t stop. Young took his time picking up K. Lan and he reached at 11.00 p.m. By then we were pretty high and Alex made the mistake by insisting that we follow him to his honeymoon suite. We initially agreed that we vacate by 12.00 a.m.      


In the honeymoon suite, one by one started to knock out. At 11.30 p.m. one of us slept in the spare bedroom in the two room suite. At 12.30 a.m. another one of us ended up hugging the bidet and refused to leave the toilet. By 1.30 a.m., two more were taking turns to puke into the kitchen sink. Only Gwen and I remained sober. By 3.00 a.m. it was clear that we will not be able to make it home.


We finally make it out at 6.00 a.m. and we spent the whole morning taking turns to calling the bride and apologising. No amount of apologies could make up for the rudeness of overstaying our welcome. But Alex and Ran truly have hearts of gold and they are truly our friends until today.


That was my most memorable experience in a wedding.


I have had other great wedding experiences amongst which were how I caught the bride’s garters thrown by the groom in church, how we had a beer only (no food) wedding dinner, how Samy Veloo came up and shook my hand, how I danced to the Bhanghra Music with Nyonya Chef Auntie Florence in a Punjabi wedding, how we drank alcohol in a conservative Christian teetotaler wedding or how I attended the wedding of a total stranger just for the dinner. But I fear all these stories would take too long and will be too long winded.  


Nevertheless, I have one interesting a wedding where we had dinner all by ourselves without the bride and groom.


Why?  Read On……



Early Yet Late For A Wedding – The wedding invitation stated church reception at 3.00 p.m. and dinner at 6.30 p.m. on a working Friday in Quezon City. It was the wedding of my colleague; Carol & Robert. Since it was a working day, we decided to skip the church reception and head straight for the dinner.  We left our Pasig office at 4.30 p.m. to get a head start against the notorious Edsa traffic. Anyway, we managed to reach the designated restaurant at 6.00 p.m.


As we entered the restaurant, there was a hive of activity with all the guests on their feet and before we know it, there were a pair of white pigeons flapping through the air. Everyone was trying to catch it. The ceiling fans were spinning at full speed as we watched in horror as the pair of pigeons continued to circle round the room and somehow miraculously avoided the blades of the fans. Somehow, the pigeons were caught and everyone applauded. We then found out that freeing the pigeons were part of a local tradition and it was the end of the wedding dinner. Apparently, the church reception ended early and everyone proceeded to the restaurant for dinner. It was all done by 6.00 p.m. and freeing the pigeons was the finale. The whole entourage was then ready to leave. The bride and groom insisted that we stay back for the dinner.


So we managed to catch the finale of the wedding and we stayed back for the rest of our colleagues; Edgar, Sarah, Chona, Sixto and Emil. Everyone arrived by 6.30 p.m. but it was only us and we enjoyed a wedding dinner by ourselves without the bride and groom.


This was a truly unforgettable dinner.  


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8 Responses to Most Memorable Weddings

  1. Pink Jeans says:

    Well, I remember calling May on your wedding day oblivious to the occasion, and her mum answered, “Oh, she’s out…getting married”. That was a big surprise, and a memorable phonecall!

  2. asme says:

    LOL! You will never forget that and you will always remind us. If it is any consolation, even my own mother doesn’t know about our wedding. So you are not alone.

    When my mum found out, she insisted on a dinner which we finally did for family only.

    One good thing is that you wll always remember us. 🙂

  3. Pink Jeans says:

    Of course I will…unless I get Alzheimer’s or something (choy!).

  4. Gina says:

    Haha!! Pink Jeans is equally entertaining and funny like you, Tony! Haha! Birds of the same feather flock together.

    Perhaps, I don’t really attend weddings, I would appear bored most of the time to take any notice. There was once, though, I was the assigned photographer at a wedding and by 9 am, it was still pouring outside, the rain. The groom could not make it on time to get the bride. Everyone was panicked and the bride’s dad was no where to be seen. So I asked, where is uncle? We would need to snap a family photo when the groom arrive…

    Guess what? He went out to line up for free movie tickets, like he would always do on normal days when his children are not getting married.

    It was hilarious.

    Fortunately, he made it on time to be home, just as the groom arrived.

  5. shorthorse says:

    Ahahaha…. will you ever forgive us Pink Jeans?!!!!! Hope kelip kelips will do the trick – ahahahaahahahaah!!!!!!

    Asme: Yes, we had some great wedding experiences. You forgot to mention the Polignac couple who sent out 15% more wedding cards than the expected attendance. It paid off as ppl mailed ang pows. The couple also drank like fish through dinner & stayed sober enough to count their ang pow earnings till the wee hours of the morning! WHAT A LAUGH!!!! So much for a romantic evening eh?

    Gina: Wow, it must have been some movie!!!!

  6. Pink Jeans says:

    Hah! That reminds me of my own wedding. The dinner was a tiny 5-table do. My groom and I had driven there ourselves, all dressed up, but in a little red Daihatsu Charade (no Mercedes Benz here – LOL). After all the guests had arrived, we still had to wait about an hour for a very important guest. You guessed it…it was my dad. He was too gunjeong to view the photos taken during the day, he had gone to get them developed and had waited to collect them, forgetting that he had a dinner to grace. Real VIP.

  7. gina says:

    Oh yeah.. I forgot one more incident…

    I was seated next to a “hungry ghost” during one wedding in Bentong, Pahang. This woman insisted finishing EVERY dish being served. Well, it’s a good thing that we have someone who didn’t like to waste in our midst.. but not when she also wanted to “ta pao” the liquor.

    Since the restaurant wanted the bottle for calculation purposes, she took an empty mineral water bottle and pour the Hennessy in it. My eyes almost popped out from the socket when it happened.

  8. asme says:

    It is so nice that everyone has stories to add. Don’t weddings bring out the memories.

    Gina – Lucky it was only free movie tickets. It was free tickets to fly to Hong Kong or something, he would have given the wedding a miss.

    SH – That Polignac couple were really a class of their own. Of course, I remember them. I just didn’t want to shock my good readers about the company I keep. Hehe.
    Anyway, this couple are not staunch Christians and have given up drinking.

    Gina – I think your friend will “ta pao” double portions now since the petrol price has increaased.

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