Manchester United versus Chelsea

May 21 – Manchester United became the Champions of Europe after overcoming Chelsea in a classic Champions League Finals.

No words could describe the beautiful game.

Check out the highlights of the game posted by an avid fan, gleniu.

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13 Responses to Manchester United versus Chelsea

  1. zewt says:

    man u rulezzzzzz

  2. Pink Jeans says:

    Not a footie fan myself but saw the boo-boo by John Terry during the penalty shootout….so funny!

  3. asme says:

    Yes zewt. Man U Rules A Okay.

    Pink Jeans, For JT, it was definitely not funny. It may haunt him for the rest of his life especially if Chelsea never gets to the Finals again.

  4. shorthorse says:

    Thanks to your You Tube link.. we can watch highlights at leisure.. 🙂

  5. asme says:

    Thanks to You Tube, we can have repeats after repeats!

  6. animado says:

    You need to know, how many fights were there outside the field. I’ve got a lot of friends in Moscow (place, where match was taking part) and the whole district near the field was louding, people heard that even in 1 km around.

  7. asme says:

    Really?! It was not reported at all in the media. So which fans won? The Reds or the Blues?

  8. animado says:

    Haha, of course it will not be reported, such as Russian government will not allow news about some bad things inside their big capital, that contains 92% of all money of Russia.
    More people income, more success.

  9. asme says:

    Media is the same all over the world. It is controlled by those in power.

    Now blogging opens up a whole new world.

  10. animado says:

    I started reading the book about blogosphere and I’m amazed , how big and resourceful it is !

  11. asme says:

    Problem is that not all the information is correct or accurate. There are also a lot of garbage out there.

  12. animado says:

    That’s true, but this is one more chance to work on development of gut feeling + analytics

  13. asme says:

    That’s a good point. The blogs are also a check and balance for the normal government controlled media.

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