A Day Out At Kuala Selangor

May 18 – Been there and done it but decided to make another visit to Kuala Selangor last Sunday.

On the way, we decided to check out Pantai Remis.

We found Pantai Remis to be crowded, its waters murky and the beach lined with granite rocks which were put in artifically (can’t think of any reasons for it except to prevent beach erosion). Unless you desperately need some dose of sea air, there is really no reason to go to Pantai Remis.


We then proceed to historic Bukit Malawati where two brightly coloured trains ferry visitors up the hill to a couple of museums,  a lighthouse and remants of an old fort. 


What we find in abundance on Bukit Malawati are the monkeys

People feeding the monkeys

More monkeys

Monkeys manning the cannons

But most of all, the place was absolutely packed with  human kind.

The only peaceful and serene scene was to look into the trees.

After lingering around for about two hours, taking in the sights and the sounds, we have decided that we had enough, we proceeded to the fishing village by the river side looking for serenity and we were faced with the weekend crowds again.


There are three restaurants along the river named River View Restaurant, Jeti Restaurant and Kuala Sungai Restaurant. They all are along the river side and offer the river ambience but they are all equally packed. My recommendation would be the River View Restaurant as it was the original one that I have went to many years ago before the crowd started to get out of hand.

The only silver lining from my visit to the fishing village were two little kids who were fishing oblivious to the crowd. The scene looked like what a fishing village should look like.

We then proceeded to Kampung Kuantan, the famous spot for the fireflies. We were there 7.45 pm and we were faced an extreme long queue for the boat ride to see the fire flies. The crowd was about 150 in number and each boat at RM 40 each could only accommodate 4 persons. We didn’t want to wait to see how long it took to clear a crowd of 150.

Lesson for the day is not to visit Kuala Selangor on a holiday or weekend.

We called it quits and drove to Kapar town for our dinner.




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9 Responses to A Day Out At Kuala Selangor

  1. shorthorse says:

    Aahahhaa…I found your comment hilarious..that “The only peaceful and serene scene was to look into the trees” …. So true. Was actually pointing my camera upwards most of the time to avoid catching the two legged creatures … our own kind! Nevertheless..I think the public should really be careful when in contact with the monkeys as a woman got bitten while we were there! But hey.. it was an enjoyable trip! Thanks!

  2. asme says:

    It is always sad when bus loads of people get down to see a ‘tourist spot’.

  3. Gina says:

    I never plan going to any places during long weekends anymore. Prefer to go on normal weekends or take leave, just to avoid crowd. KL was rather empty last weekend. 😀

  4. animado says:

    Ha-ha, cool picture with grey monkey, the first one )) Like he’s a king.
    I like your story, simple and comprehensive.
    Thanks )

  5. asme says:

    Gina, you are quite right about the crowds during the weekends. Best place is to hide in the house.

    Animado, Thank you for your visit and kind comment. The Monkey sure looked like a King.

  6. yong says:

    good outing

  7. I planned to opinion your blog and also state which i really experienced reading through your blog post below. That it was really enlightening and i likewise reddit the method that you compose! Continue along with Soon we will be in to go through much more in the foreseeable future…

  8. DEVI says:


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