Bosses From Hell

Heard of an interesting anecdote yesterday about a boss from hell.

A friend of mine reported directly to a CEO of a foreign owned company and this CEO insisted on reports, reports and reports all the time. My friend Bob who was the General Manager ended doing reports till the wee hours of the night in addition to his day to day duties of managing the manufacturing concern.

It got to a breaking point and Bob decided to hire a staff specifically to do the reports. The poor new guy was thrown into the deep end to face the insane CEO from hell. The new guy did reports after reports and the CEO kept rejecting them and asking him to redo.

Finally, the new guy summoned the courage to confront the CEO.

The new guy said “I am so sorry. This is the third time you are rejecting this particular report. I am really sorry but I do not know what you want. Can you please tell me exactly what you want and I can do the report according to what you want”

The CEO said “How would I know what I want? You are the expert in reports. It is your responsibility to do the reports. Please do something that will satisfy what I want.” 

The poor new guy went back to doing his reports.

Bob has left the company since and the CEO from hell has also left.

What happened to the poor ‘not so new’ guy?

The new CEO told him, “What nonsense reports? Why so many reports? No need all these stupid reports.”


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5 Responses to Bosses From Hell

  1. Gina says:

    Oh… the CEO doesn’t even know what he wants and still can reject people’s reports? Haha! Sounded like my ex bitch boss from hell. She too, didn’t know what she wanted – and I asked her the same question – WHAT DOES SHE WANT? She ended up extending my probation on the grounds I am not performing.

  2. Pink Jeans says:

    I’ve had one fantastic boss, many so-so ones, and one helluva bitch. She was the reason I quit the company which I loved coz she made post-maternity life hell for me. She was jealous and petty and didn’t honour the flexi-hour arrangement agreed previously by her predecessor. But I sure made them (she and her boss who was really unfair too) sorry coz for the 2 years after I left until I returned as consultant, the department I ran fell into shambles…hee-hee! And, later she got fired for poor performance…by the very same unfair boss she was buttering up. Yessss!!!

  3. asme says:

    Well, there are a lot of dumb shit bosses out there but then again there are also a lot of really dumb shit employees. That’s life I guess.

  4. shorthorse says:

    Don’t mean to be discriminating but I for one have had hell experiences with lady bosses. They were petty, illogical & loved to overanalyse situations without really focusing on solutions. I dunno, perhaps only men who think like women could outdo them? 🙂

  5. asme says:

    I had two lady bosses. Both are not too bad.

    Maybe it is a woman boss woman employee thing?

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