Nightmare Interview

Apr 18 – In the most bizzare of interviews, Chelsea’s manager Avram Grant appeared to be the first victim of nerves as the English Premier League goes down the wire with only three matches remaining. Chelsea will need to win all three matches to realistically stand a chance to win the title while Manchester United needs to win only two and draw one out of four matches.The most important game would be on April 26 when both teams meet each other in Stamford Bridge. It could be all over by then if Manchester United beat Blackburn Rowers tonight and repeat the feat at Chelsea on the 26th.
The highlight of the week will definitely be Avram Grant’s interview. It is definitely a textbook example of a really bad interview, a real PR nightmare.

The following is a full transcript of the interview –


A deserved win Avram?
Grant said: ‘Yes.’

What particularly pleased you about the performance?
‘I’m pleased.’

What in particular pleased you?
After an eight second delay: ‘I don’t know.’

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Is it a relief to win here?

You seem lost for words by the performance. Are you more satisfied with the performance or the victory?

You seem distracted. Do you have a problem?
‘No problem.’

Is there an issue?
‘No. I’m ok. I have nothing to say.’

Do you have a message for the Chelsea fans?
‘You represent the Chelsea fans?’

They must believe you are still in the title race, do you have a message for them?
‘No message.’

Does this result mean you are back in it now?
‘I don’t know.’

How many steps have you climbed to undertake this press conference?
‘I don’t know.’

You seem less voluble than usual. Is it because of Sky TV moving the game to a Thursday?
‘Maybe it’s because of you. I don’t know. I am ok.’

You are saying that you don’t know if you are still in the title race?
‘No.’ Is it easier to say nothing Avram?
‘I don’t what to answer. It is a good question. I don’t know what to answer.’

Is this because of Sky?
‘No. Sky is ok. I enjoy watching them.’

Is it a protest against newspapers?
‘No. Why?’

Why else would you come in and refuse to answer our questions?
‘I answer every question.’

You are two points behind Manchester United and you don’t know if you are still in the title race?

Have you told the players that you don’t know if you are back in the title race?
‘What I tell the players is something else. You want me to tell you what I say to the players?’

We just want you to answer the question really. Are you in the title race?
‘I don’t know.’

Would you not like to gain some positive publicity for the result rather than this bizarre silence?
‘I’m sorry. You can write whatever you want and I can answer what I want.’

Do you feel under pressure to deliver a trophy. Is that the reason for the monosyllabic answers?

Are you upset? Do you feel you have been misrepresented?
‘Maybe I have said because it is a bad season.’

Did Michael Essien faint?
‘He had some problems, but he is ok.’

 Michael Ballack?

What’s his problem?
‘Ask the doctor.’

He’s not here Avram.
‘Well call him then.’

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3 Responses to Nightmare Interview

  1. shorthorse says:

    Ahahaahah…what an interview…more like a tai chi session…. When he quits as a coach, he should be a politician!!!!!!

  2. shorthorse says:

    …. and to think this was an interview after a victory… gosh I dread to read an interview after they lose….

  3. asme says:

    It was a ‘real’ interesting interview!

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