Running 4.5 km

I have never been a long distance runner. In school, I was a sprinter and my personal best for the 100 meters was 12.3 seconds, believe it or not. But that was when I was some 100 lbs lighter. I also used to run the 2.4 km below 12 ½ minutes but these days I struggle to run one km under 7 minutes. While I reminisced the days when I actually did 10 km runs in Singapore, I have not been able to run half that distance non stop ever since I outgrew my 29 inches pants.

My workout routine nowadays are confined one lap of a 1.5 km walk around Chatin lake near my office, followed by a 1.5 km run and finished with two laps walk around the lake totaling 3 km. May would do much better than me by running 3 laps and walk 1 lap.

Apr 18 – I started my usual 1.5 km walk to warm up before switching to a run. After the first lap, I told myself that I could do another and I pushed myself to do it. At the end of that lap, I continued running. In my heart, I wanted to complete a 3rd lap non stop. My mind kept psyching myself. I started counting my steps to distract my mind. Halfway round the lake, my back started to ache. My running slowed down to a slow trot but I kept on. Somehow the ache in my back seemed to be magnified with every step that I took. But 400 meters before the end, I caught my second wind. I started to pick up speed again and completed the 3 laps around the Chatin lake totaling 4.5 km.

It was the only the second time in a year that I managed to complete a 4.5 km run and believe me, it was milestone for me. Next milestone has to be a 6 km run.

I was tired and soaking wet but it felt good. My wish would be that by April 18, 2009, I would complete a 10 km run. Must “Jia You”.

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7 Responses to Running 4.5 km

  1. Pink Jeans says:

    Jia You! Jia You! Little drops of water, little grains of sand…just keep going and by the time the distance is multiplied 10-fold, you would have run a marathon. My better half is still feeling the high from completing the London Marathon last Sunday; note that he first started running with only 2km laps around our neighbourhood.

  2. gina says:

    Wah.. you look really good! Keep up the good work!

  3. shorthorse says:

    The pic does not do justice to the ‘soaking wet’ description at all…. I can attest that you can practically wring sweat out of your T’s after your run/walk session. Talk about DETOX eh? Good job man, keep it up!!!!!

  4. Yit Peng says:

    keep up the good work.

    I always think of….the lottle blue engine..

    I think I can!
    I think I can!

  5. asme says:

    Thanks Dearies for the encouragement. Will report any progress.

  6. animado says:

    Weel, I have never liked running, it was too heavy for me. I’m slim, I thought, that it’s not really my way to relax.
    I run for 2 days already, and started to count with tracks in my player.
    1st day – 2 tunes, 2nd day 5 tunes, I think that someday I will run for the whole album )

    That really works! I enjoy my running in the morning!

  7. asme says:

    Thanks Animado for the idea. Might just take up on it.

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