Manchester United Win Over Arsenal

13 Apr – Arsenal saw their dreams ripped apart in the Theater of Dreams as the Red Devils took a giant step towards retaining the English Premier League Championship.


In an equally matched game, Arsenal looked the sharper side with Emmanuel Adebayor, Francesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie giving the Manchester United defense a torrid time. The Manchester United backline collapsed in the 48th minute where Van Persie delivered a cross into the goal mouth area where Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick and Edwin Van Der Sar who were all glued to the ground watching the ball. Emmanuel Adebayor was the only one who reacted and he managed to touch the ball to direct it passed Van Der Sar for Arsenal’s goal.


At the other end in the 54th minute, the Arsenal Captain, William Gallas gifted Manchester United the golden opportunity when he handled the ball with his arm.



Cristiano Ronaldo cemented his claim for the top scorer for the season by hitting his 27th goal for the league and his 38th goal for all competitions. The crown is as good as Ronaldo’s as second placed Fernando Torres needs to get 7 goals in the next 4 games to better Ronaldo’s record and that’s provided Ronaldo does not score any more.


In the 72nd minute, Cristiano Ronaldo lined up for a free kick and the entire Arsenal defense wall and goalkeeper, Jens Lehmann watched him closely. Owen Hargreaves then step forward and everyone expected a dummy. Hargreaves took the kick and lobbed it over the wall into the top left hand corner. The entire Arsenal defense wall and Jens Lehmann just watched the ball. It was an absolutely magnificient kick.



From then on, Manchester United hung on for their victory over the Gunners. Arsenal tried but as the minutes ticked away, they knew that they will end the season with nothing.


With four more matches to go, away against Blackburn on 19 April and Chelsea on 26 April, home game against West Ham on May 3 and finally away against Wigan on 11 May, the Red Devils already have their hands on the Cup. The game at Stamford Bridge on 26 April will most likely be the decider for the season.


If Manchester United could beat Chelsea in their home fortress, then they would be the undisputed Champions for 2007/2008 season.


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2 Responses to Manchester United Win Over Arsenal

  1. shorthorse says:

    Yes, Hargreaves freekick goal seemed so surreal eh, it was as if the camera went still, nobody was moving except for him… the wall of players and the goalie certainly did not see it coming as they all seemed glued to the ground. Unreal but such a great sting …. strategically that is!

  2. asme says:

    It was surreal alright. That the exact word to describe it.

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