Politicians & Pigs

10 Apr – A month after the General Election, the Malaysian public would imagine that the results would have been a real wake up call and we would see some real concerted effort in addressing the illness of the nation. Sadly there has been no concrete changes, no sincere analysis on where we went wrong, no clear directions for the future, not even efforts to reach out to the rakyat. Instead, the Election Results is being treated like a bad dream and there is now a hush about the it. Our Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi is talking about trying to get the country to grow enough food for the future? Do we have a food crisis here? Don’t we have more urgent matters to attend to now?   

Instead, what is the hottest political news at the moment? There appear to be a concerted effort to stir up problems for the new Selangor Government for their plans to go ahead with the pig farming project.

Looking at it objectively, pig farming in Malaysia sucks. The conditions in existing pig farms are just like what it has been 40 years ago. The only difference is the numbers has grown which made the problem of pollution much worse.

There is only two things we can do about it. It is either to get rid of the farms totally or to upgrade the farms and ensure that they are ‘world’ standard. We have done that with our poultry farms so there is no reason why the same standards cannot be applied on the pig farms.

Let’s examine the first option of getting rid of the farms totally. This is not a feasible option under the current political climate. After years of racial division, these pig farms can only be viewed as a symbolic right for the Chinese to consume a meat of their choice. In 30 years time and if by then we are able to achieve a really united country without any racial barriers, we can get rid of the farms totally. Why? By then it could be more economically viable to relocate the farms out of Selangor or even out of the country. 

Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim really had no choice but to go ahead with the project for the good of the people. It is high time to shut down the old badly run farms and consolidate it all in one modern well managed farm. It is a positive way forward, it is the only way and truly reflect a progressive country.

What the Selangor Government did wrong was making a premature announcement without publicising the problems of the existing method of pig farming. The problem has to be emphasised. Then you offer a solution which is to modernise the farms and eradicate the pollution once and for all. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should not used the excuse that the previous administration approved it. He should have announced that the current administration has reviewed the previous adminstration’s approved projects and has unanimously approved to this project to proceed for the good of the people.

Politicians being politicians tried to politicise the issue with Dato Mohd Khir Toyofirst accusing Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim being forced by DAP, then he claimed that even though his administration approved the project, they have not made the final decision. Then he went on to claim that he did not intend for the project to be 100 million Ringgit  when the land approved by his administration was 135 ha.I wonder how much would 135 ha cost? With land and modern equipment, would 100 million Ringgit be excessive?  Dato Mohd Khir Toyo also tried playing up the racial card by calling it a sensitive issue.

What I hope that MCA or UMNO would do for the case of the pig farming is to ensure : –

1) That the money spent is done correctly and prudently.

2) That the Selangor Government stick by their pledge of relocating all the existing farmers.

3) That the new facilities is properly managed and the environment is protected.

We, the Rakyat want clean air and a clean environment.  We do not want the old way of farming to continue. So let’s not politicise the issue and move forward. There are more urgent problems of national interest to address than to fight over pigs.



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5 Responses to Politicians & Pigs

  1. shorthorse says:

    Well, moronic politicians would deem the best way to gain credibility is to downtrod and make the other side of the ‘force’ look bad. Just reflects on their inadequacies – that’s all. Only the gullible will swallow it. Their tactics are heavily reliant on playing up racial sentiments. That’s what sucks….

    But yes, the pig farms in M’sia should be regulated & cleaned up. MNS did make an issue of it and no, we shouldn’t look at it from a racial point of view. It really is a matter of good governance for pig farming & its impact on the environment as you rightly put it!

  2. this is anoither joke by malaysia politicians

  3. asme says:

    Well, the story has quietened down. Let’s hope the new government does a better job in governance.

  4. chowinc says:

    Low environmental regulation standard contributed to pig farm water contamination issue and environment pollution, those are the factors that irked the people living around pig farm, it is the responsibility of government agency to hold these commercial entities accountable to their assets and acts.

  5. asme says:

    That what the Rakyat wants. If only the government would listen.

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