Dr Chua Soi Lek’s Blog

Dato Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has started his own blog on the 28th March and provided his views on some of the inside stories within the MCA. An interesting read but he remains a true politician as some of his comments were carefully worded. An even more interesting read would be the comments from fellow bloggers.

On his main objective in trying to do his part in rebuilding and rebranding MCA, I think it would be another step towards a death end. While the world has grown smaller in this age of technology, we, Malaysians, are more divided today than we were 40 years ago. This has been the result of the divide and rule policy of the BN which MCA played a major role.  What’s worst is that the Chinese educated Chinese would discriminate against the Sekolah Kebangsaan Chinese. Again, all this were part of the results of the policies practised by MCA.

Rebranding? Now that’s a tall order.

Nevertheless, it is a good blog, another avenue for alternative stories and I must congratulation Dr Chua for joining the blogging band wagon at the age of 61.

Check it out. Dr. Chua Soi Lek’s Blog –  http://drchua9.blogspot.com/

P/S – There is even a video in his blog of a pretty Chinese lady. 

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93 Responses to Dr Chua Soi Lek’s Blog

  1. Gina says:

    Wads with the politicians now jumping on the band wagon of writing blogs? I just could not tolerate this. Hahahah! Anyway, Dr Chua really write quite a funny blog. I salute that fella.

    “Since my family has accepted my apology, I will continue to move on. I do not claim to be perfect, at least I choose not to behave by saying although I was advised by my lawyers “It looks like me, it sounds like me but its not me”.

  2. asme says:

    Well, politicians has every right to blog. Only problem is when it is done professionally for them by ghost writers. Then they will destroy what blogging is all about.

  3. chowinc says:

    He should try to improve in his scene lighting technique of video making first , then only go blogging, by then he can brag about his “banging” skill in his blog, it sure will rebuild MCA back to it past glory. LOL…

  4. asme says:

    Scene lighting, tell that to the other goons in MCA. Maybe they should get lessons from Gwo Burne.

  5. ted teh says:

    Dear Dr. Chua. In view of the moral and self respect of our chinese community. I would sincerely hope that you can reconsider of the election for the presidentcy of MCA. It will be meanningless if you are luck enough to be elected as MCA, which is represent the dignity of our chinese community. I do not want to disgrace you for what you have done for the passed. Please do not let someone to recall you pass if you have elected. I do not care whether you are right or wrong nor you are innocent in the matter. Please do take care the respect of our chinese community. Nevertheless, you have no respect for what you have done. You have to responsible for what you have done to yourself, your family and your beloved chinese community. You are a married man and yet your have done such a disgraceful thing to your family, your community.

    Do you thing your opposition party, your alliance parties will accept what you have done too. Can you imagine what have they think about you at your back.

    Please do not disgrace us and reconsider your position for contesting for the presidential seat in MCA. You have to respect yourself prior someone to respect you. Thank you for your kind consideration.

  6. asme says:

    Judge not so that you won’t be judge.

    Let he who did not sin cast the first stone.

  7. ted teh says:

    If an america, british or other chinese politician involved with such a immoral and shameful act. They will definately kill themself as to get rid of him uncivilised act.

    I really impressed with you, if you dare to go for the election as the chairman of MCA which lead the majority chinese community. You will then lead all of them to the shameful situation. Other races will definately laught at us. Unless the Pariah CD of yours will never exist in this world. Please, let the chinese or all the malaysian live with respect as to have a respected leader. Thank you

  8. ted teh says:

    Do not think that you are dare to admit your unfaithfull act to your family. I think you have no other choice as all the CDs have distributed in the street. I just can resist to see you bloody old fucking face having sex with other girl, probably other people wife. what would it be if other married guy having sex with your family members.

    It is not to say that you are dare to admit it. It was you have no other choice rather then to admit. Please try to disappered yourslf from our chinese cummunity. you will absulutely, disgrace chinese.

    If you dare to admit, show us the right way, that is to disapper yourself. show your daring act to the adult web site. this is the zoo where you are belong to.

  9. asme says:

    Dr. Chua is exactly what a stupid party like MCA deserves.

  10. tan888 says:

    Chua should just let the police handle it according to Section 499 of Penal Code Act 574.
    He should get on to do greater things for the nation.
    When I was studing in Primary One in a all boy’s school during the year of 1963 I loved to draw cartoons.One of the favorite subjects would be the 50 year old and single English teacher Mary the Glasses.I draw her as a fat, thick glasses,almost bald and almost blind woman having to read pupils’s exercise books next to her nose.One day somebody betrayed me and showed her all the cartoons…There was lightnings and thunders sky came down upon me…Also earthquakes and curse of eternal burning in hell.
    As I was only 7 years old Section 82 of Penal Code stated” Nothing is an offence which is done by a child under ten years of age”.I was protected by the spirit of the English Laws.Being a self procliamed Grand Lady of Highest English Moral Values I escaped the rod.But she cried for many days and my little heart broke every time I saw her wipe her thick glasses of streams of tears.
    They are more than 6.5 billions of people on this earth .Anybody can hurt us anytime.Let the Laws handle it and then just Let it be.Get on with the business of living a fruitful life…Read my blog… prisonwithoutwalls

  11. asme says:

    I truly think it is a tall order for Dr. Chua to repair the damage done.

  12. ted teh says:

    Glad to hear DR. Chuan being elected a the deputy in the so call MCA party. Do you think our beloved Malaysian government will honour him a minister post in future???? If the time come, I will follow Dr.Mahathir foot step …there is to find a way to migrate to any country in any part of the world….coz…………………I really really feel shame being a chinese and being a Malaysian any more. Long live MCA, Long live Malaysia.

  13. ted teh says:

    When Dr. Chua being honour a minister in the cabinet. I would recommend he be the minister of sexology and Dr. Wong yan yan will be his deputy minister. I am sure they will agree with free sex in Malaysia as to promote sex tourism in malaysia and he will get rid of his next involvement of sex scandal…ya.

  14. asme says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he is appointed to be a minister. That’s the sorry state of affairs we are in.

  15. vincent lee says:

    Please bring this case to the proper channels.

  16. vincent lee says:

    Posted by Who is the MP and who is the victim ? on November 25, 2008 at 17:01:51:
    BN MP reportedly threatened woman’s life! – malaysiakini

    Malaysiakini’s report:

    A woman has lodged a police report in Sibu, Sarawak against a Barisan Nasional member of parliament for allegedly threatening her life.

    According to Sin Chew Daily today, a police report had been lodged by the woman, a lawyer, against the MP. However, the newspaper did not name the two parties involved. The police have nevertheless confirmed receiving the report.

    Rumours have been flying in town since the publication of the report, and this prompted Sarawak DAP chairperson and Bukit Assek state assemblyperson Wong Ho Leng to urge the MP concerned to own up so that the other MPs are not unfairly implicated.

    “I can assure all that the MP who was reported to have threatened the woman is not Chong Chieng Jen – the (DAP) MP for Bandar Kuching,” Wong said.

    He added that since the report was lodged in Sibu, the MP concerned could be from the central region of Sarawak.

    “If the report on the MP threatening a woman is true, it is a disgrace because the post of MP involves holding public office,” said the DAP state chief.

    “He is democratically elected and should uphold the dignity of his political and public office,” Wong said.

    Threatening message sent to woman

    Wong urged the police to carry out the investigation expeditiously.

    “Everybody is entitled to protection of the law. No violation of the law and abuse of power should be permitted.”

    Contacted later, Wong told Malaysiakini that he knew the woman lawyer, adding that she used to work for the MP as an assistant based in Kuala Lumpur after a stint in private practice in Sibu with a local legal firm.

    The MP allegedly sent his people to deliver a message threatening her for some undisclosed reasons and the woman subsequently lodged the police report a few days ago

  17. vincent lee says:

    That women is trying to tarnish BN’s reputation
    Posted by Sibu reporter on November 26, 2008 at 10:00:45:
    In Reply to : That women is trying to tarnish BN’s reputation posted by Kaban Jabu ari Betong on November 25, 2008 at 17:50:55:

    The YB is Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, BINTULU MP who was involved in the Port Klang Free Zone land his group bought for a song from the Pulau Indah Malay Fishermen Co-op andwhich the group later re sold to Port Klang at a huge project and was the subject of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament Inquiry and its report made certain recommendations. Therefore those involved are very very worried. They could go to jail. Maybe the lady who is a lawyer knows something about it since she worked for him in KL

  18. vincent lee says:

    That women is trying to tarnish BN’s reputation
    Posted by Curious on November 26, 2008 at 09:55:36:
    In Reply to : That women is trying to tarnish BN’s reputation posted by Ex Omegatrend member on November 25, 2008 at 22:34:24:

    Just publish the police report, let police investigate, and what thematter is all about and let the public be the judge of the actual reasons for the police report. After all Tiong King Sing has got quite a reputation

  19. vincent lee says:

    MP Threatened Woman, Report Lodged
    Posted by Name the MP competition. Police will give reward on November 25, 2008 at 16:57:16:
    MP Threatened Woman, Report Lodged
    Posted by Wong Ho Leng on November 25, 2008 at 07:20:45:

    MP Threatened Woman, Report Lodged

    The Sinchew today reported in its front page that a woman had reported to the Sibu police that she had been threatened and intimidated by an MP. The DAP urges the MP concerned to own up so that other MPs are not unfairly implicated.

    I can assure all and sundry that the MP who was reported against is NOT Chong Chieng Jen, DAP MP for Bandar Kuching.

    Since the police report was lodged in Sibu, the MP concerned most likely would be from the central region of Sarawak. Of course, it could only be one of the remaining 30 BN MPs.

    If the report of an MP threatening and intimidating a woman is true, it is a disgrace, because the post of an MP involves a public office. He is democratically elected and should uphold the dignity of his political and public offices.

    Nobody is above the law. I urge the police to carry out investigation expeditiously and fairly. Everybody is entitled to equal protection of the law. No violation of the law and abuse of power should be permitted.


  20. vincent lee says:

    Re: MP Threatened Woman, Report Lodged
    Posted by SIBU REPORTER on November 26, 2008 at 10:04:30:
    In Reply to : MP Threatened Woman, Report Lodged posted by Name the MP competition. Police will give reward on November 25, 2008 at 16:57:16:

    Complainant & Victim: Priscilla Lau
    Person Complained of: YB Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, MP of Bintulu, SPDP Youth Chief and BN Backbenchers Club

  21. vincent lee says:

    The mother Ting Wai Ling asks you for IMMEDIATE HELP.
    She is a charter accountant who knows everything.

  22. asme says:

    Thanks for your contribution to my blog.

    What you have highlighted reflects the sad case of the current politicaly scenario. Our police spend most of their time taking down reports made by politicians rather than fighting crime. Our politicians spend all theit time trying to politise issues rather than serving the people who elected them.

    I feel sorry for Priscilla but there are far more serious cases of injustice, some of these cases which stare at us openly in our face every single day. What can we do?

    We can’t do anything alone but if you are truly committed then get 10 more people to be committed and them to get 10 more each. Only when we can be fully committed and get others to be committed as well, then we can do something.

  23. kenny lee says:

    Thursday, December 4th, 2008

    Tiong to sue businesswoman over threat claim

    SIBU: Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said he would take legal action against a businesswoman here for accusing him of threatening her.

    Tiong, who is also the chairman of BN Backbenchers’ Club, confirmed that he knew of the allegation from a newspaper report last week, and was puzzled with the whole thing.

    “Threat? What threat?”

    He said he did not want to comment now because he was leaving the matter to his lawyer, and as for the alleged criminal act, he would leave the investigation to the police. He believed the police would handle the case in an appropriate way.

    He said he was disappointed with the businesswoman, for she seemed to be ungrateful.

    “I came to know her through a friend who told me that the woman had no job and was facing some financial difficulties. The friend said the woman had a family and she asked if I could help her.”

    Tiong was puzzled with the intention of the woman in her allegation.

    “What is her aim? Did she have any political motive?”

    He said he had not offended nor committed any criminal act against her.

    “I am always busy. The people in my constituency know it; the reporters know it too. I do not have time for other things. I do not even have the time to visit my constituents for the last two months.”

    On whether he was avoiding the people because of this issue, Tiong said he would not go into hiding nor avoid the people just because of the allegation.

    Last week, a Chinese daily reported that a businesswoman had lodged a police report after she received threat from a member of parliament.

  24. kenny lee says:

    There are many poor women with more than two children who approached the good MP for financial help during the last few decades.Most of the time they have to leave without seeing him with only a fistful of old one ringgit notes.
    The above business woman was a former Beauty Queen in Chinatown,London and a famous high profile lawyer.Everybody in the legal line in Sarawak knows about her.
    She works as the personal assistant to the MP.She is the corporate lawyer to all his public listed companies.She was asked to move from her hometown to be based at his head office in Kuala Lumpur.They traveled together to many overseas countries.Many top corporate tycoons still have her name cards.
    We in Sarawak wonder how the good MP could have such a short memory.
    The woman was accompanied by her criminal lawyers when she made a police report against him.

  25. asme says:

    Thanks Kenny for your update on the event. I think this case is just the tip of the iceberg. I am sure there are many more similar cases which do not get any publicity whatsoever.

  26. phylis lau says:

    I am a reporter on Parliamentary sittings for many years.I have seen that MP live on TV as well as in person hundreds of times. He is a totally brute bullying force when he shouts and threatens all people on the other side of the fence.All of you in Malaysia would have seen him shouting, brawling and threatening Karpal Singh,Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim in Parliament live on all TVs in front of all the world.Did you notice they aborted all that they wanted to say against him afterwards? Remember the famous challenge to all ” Repeat it outside the House and I am going to have all of you finished. ” The PKR politicians are not men of fear yet they were all wary of crossing him.
    Priscilla is a 39 years old woman.She can defend herself well within the laws of the land.But she has no defense outside the laws.She has gone into hiding from her enemies.Remember that more than 20,000 gangsters as been arrested under Ops Kenyalang.Most of them are already back in town.

  27. phylis lau says:

    Please help this unfortunate woman who is a victim of other people’s bigger and dirtier plans like you yourself.She is the favorite niece by birth of a Deputy Federal Minister.And you knows him personally for many decades.
    Thank You,
    Born a member of the weaker sex.

  28. asme says:

    Hi Phylis,

    I think your second message has been wrongly posted. It should be posted in Dr Chua’s blog at http://drchua9.blogspot.com/

  29. phyilis lau says:

    At the present moment she is a partner in my law firm.
    Even though she is a divorce she is a good woman.The break up was due to the fact that her ex husband was a rich, handsome and too woman friendly man.It was no fault of hers as I was the mediator for the divorce case.
    After she went on to seek and good and strong mI have known this lady ever since she was a school girl.She used to seek my advice regarding a career in the legal line.We were family friends as her uncle is my senior lawan for her future life.
    She met this man in one of his political campaigns.He was a divorces too.And he was seeking a good legal adviser in his political life and business empire.It was a match made in heaven.She was at his side almost everyday both locally and overseas.All the party members knew that they were going to get married before the next election.
    After a few years he got tired of her.As the saying goes ” Hell knows no fury when a woman is scorned “.
    The lady will not be able to find another love relationship after this high profile love tango.Obviously she would say something that may touch his nerves.Her motive is to force him to stick on to the marriage contract.
    It is very unbecoming of him to use the gangsters to threaten to kill her.It is also very arrogant to use the police powers to seal her mouth.It is also very bad to use his millions of ringgit financial power to employ the best lawyers of the land to take up litigation cases against her.
    As a rich man it is not uncommon for one to keep mistresses.On the final day when you wanted to ditch her for good you must be prepared for her outburst of emotions.Woman is made and born the weaker sex and emotions may overwhelm her sense of logic.She may threaten to commits suicide.She may hit you in the head with the frying pan.Even if you get hospitalized you must not use gangsters,police and litigation lawyers to add salt to her deep emotional injuries.
    If she is already your woman in bed you have to take care of her.

  30. alfred says:

    Dr chua,

    I can’t see how you can be set an example to be the leader of your party.Do you encourage people to follow your footstep to be in the sex tape.Whenever i see you in the TV,i cannot forget you are hampsap ah peh.

    • A student says:

      Hey… i can tell u stop talking these nonesome because Dr chua readly readly did things for us for Malaysia. And what u talking about is very long time ago isue is that we not give chance for anyone who did wrong ? if u do something wrong did u want pp to forgive u ? so stop this or u are hire by somebody to write about this and cause side effect for Dr. Chua ? ( Sry for anything that say too over thx) and i also hope u will apologize to Dr. Chua on what u say in here thx.

  31. c.s.ng says:

    no more hope 4 m.c.a.

  32. A student says:

    Dr. Chua i feel sry to hear the news from the television. I have my own point of view on this incident. Through this incident Mr. Ong show me his weak and directly give me an opinion he might quite not suitable for leadering our chinesse people anymore. The main reason for my opinion is he does’t have a far sighted mind. He unable to think deeply for his dicition and will ruin something .. and this thing for my own safety I think it might not suitable to write on blog.. but any how.. I only want to write about the main negative effect on this thing from my point of view. He do this thing on u as a resident also a student it show me and give me an opinion that Malaysia Chinesse Association is not concentric and he also cause a lot of unnecessary problem because make alot of the member and Jawatan Kuasa to waste time and dicust about his not careful dicition. The main thing is he say about emage. Dr. Chua I may sincerely the “CD” did’t give any negative point of view on MCA around me and my friend because in our opinion image don’t mean much thing most importance is give us a leader which are able to do thing;help us; who can listen on our voice; who willing to do things for Malaysians as sir , Dr Chua. If talking about image i want to say ” Mr. Ong pls settle ur lawsuit and complete ur work to help people, if u so free pls help our chinesse in the building of our own primary school y all just an open seramony then stop there? stop doing these nonesome is useless and this broken ur image in front on all Malaysian , but Mr.Ong i appologive on what i write here but this also what we think amount our student.. eat back ”
    These are the thing and isue in my heart what i want to say….some thing i am not dare to write in blog i will keep in my heart…that is all

    (I presonally apologized to everyone expecially Dr. Chua and Mr. Ong on any Isue which i write which will affect the image or anything that will cause side effect on anybody. Sorry for all. Thank You! )

  33. Super says:

    Thank you for the post, I am really wondering how can I use this to create my own blog post.

  34. Super says:

    Are you going to update this post, I am really interested what will be the next one.

  35. asme says:

    I think Dr. Chua is now old news. Don’t think there is any interesting update unless someone has some info. on Angelina Yam.

  36. Love the post, I submitted it to Digg

  37. bei suu lan says:

    Our country have a big population. We have limited manpower,time,money and resources to prosecute all the law breakers.There is a term called as NOT WORTH PURSUING or NW P in the AG vocabulary.
    The Anwar case is one strong 20 plus young man against a aging man above 60 years old. He could have put up a fight.
    Nobody has been murdered.There is full of doubts in the AG case.The country is spending millions to prosecute the case.
    AG should spend the same amount of energy on the Tiong King Sing 12.5 billion ringgit case.Our country needs the money back as we are in heavy debts.We are facing bankruptcy by year 2019.
    AG is from my place KK.He should be removed ASAP like the former MACC guy. AG does not know the meaning of top priority.He might as well prosecute poachers for killing a monkey in Mount Kinabalu.It is also against the law.

  38. asme says:

    The AG is just doing his job, acting strictly upon instructions from higher up.

  39. ME says:

    Malaysia Chinese Association is a disgrace having immoral President.
    Thats it..full stop….

  40. Alex says:

    Who gave him the authority to decide not to field any Chinese Cabinet?
    Is he playing a Game?
    The grassroot is very very angry with this evil who wants to destroy the legacy of our Ancestor from the conception of MCA…
    If during the Emperor time..he should already been castrated and fed to the crocodile for the sins of what he had done.
    With Due respect…Soi Lek, you should Check your Name and stop pretending now..before all under Chua Soi Lek generation have to take your sins to 7 grave generations …SERIOUS..think about it..full stop

  41. Mathew6688 says:

    Dr. Chua, I am not align to any political party in Malaysia. As such my comment is politically neutral and independent of any political motive.

    Dr. Chua, Please do not blame the Chinese not supporting MCA as MCA is not performing at all. In many past election MCA always claimed that Chinese did not give you sufficient support, but in 1999 and 2004 election, most Chinese voted BN but ask youeself, what MCA had done for the Chinese in those two terms? MCA was only been treated as a second-class party in BN and been offered only those unimportant minister posts, which MCA is so complacent with. Mr. Tan Siew Sin and Mr. Khaw Khai Moh were Finance Minister and Education Minister respectively during the 1960s, why MCA was not offered these minister positions in 1999 and 2004? Look at the performance of Lim Liong Saik and Tan Kwong Choy, they were suspected of using their minister position to instill corruption for themselves, which brought embarrasement to the Chinese race. Similarly Liow was suspected of received a Toyata Vellfire registered under the wife’s name. It is MCA who did not self-valued.

    Also don’t blame DAP mislead the Chinese, it is Utusan, Pekasa and certain UMNO ministers (like the one rasing the Kris) and the double-standard adopted by Police and MACC that push the Chinese to the Opposition.

    Back to MCA, your party only focus on firefighting (like Dr. Gooi Kah Siong is doing to resolve those proportedly created educational issues, without any culprit in the education ministry been terminated), without bringing any strategic changes to improve the political and economical position of the Chinese, like a fair educational policy, a fair distribution of wealth, opposing government policy to offer projects or licenses to only a particular race (e.g. in finance, public transport, AP for import of motor vehicles), a levelled field for business operation, a transparent policy on higher education and government offer opportunities to all race based on merit rather than to particular race.

    In conclusion, ASK NOT WHY CHINESE NOT VOTE FOR MCA, ASK WHAT MCA HAD DONE FOR THE CHINESE, STRATEGICALLY, IN THE PAST 53 YEARS. It is not DAP or PKR attracting the Chinese votes, it is Utusan, Perkasa and those irresponsible UMNO ministers and members, and the double-standard police and MACC who push the Chinese votes to Opposition.

  42. nyobain says:

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  43. FCUK CSL says:

    Chua Soi Lek has no face to meet the other Chinese Leader of the world and feel ashame of himself whenever there is any international gathering among leaders…..and we chinese also dare not to tell to others that Chinese are now being led by an immoral president in Malaysia…The other leader also dare not to shake hand with Chua …worry his immoral virus might be transmitted by handshake………Now is the dark age for MCA with CSL in Malaysia……I think he should be locked up in the Batu Pahat hotel room and produce more CD and how he can perfect his porn business to buy votes for MCA……

  44. FCUK CSL says:

    Clean up your act for the others chinese future….think of others
    Dont bring the rest of Chinese future together with you to hell….
    Only you to hell….retire from MCA for the benefits of Chinese ……
    retire retire retire bring along your son out from MCA……
    dont leave the legacy of porn star president in MCA……
    even clorox cant wash away the black ink you had taited the MCA history…..

    MCA is for Good people not shit like you…….wake up…

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  58. New Chinese rejecting Porn Star President says:

    Dear Malaysia Chinese, wake up and be frank that Malaysian Chinese Association currently being led by Immoral president. Therefore you cannot expect such a person to have integrity ( Lying to own wife and Children) and what about chinese in Malaysia. Do you think we can expect him to be good president?

    It is very high time we clean up the image for Chinese and let the MCA and its people that stand behind him to be buried together with him as it is no longer relevant to the Chinese people.

    For a Chinese, we know what is good for Chinese and not being politicised and to expect MCA to do it , better to forget it.

    Tan Cheng Lock and Tan Siew Sin will rest in Peace when this Porn Star President and its team leave MCA.

    New Clean Chinese

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  60. New Chinese says:

    This porn star mca president has been bribe by umno to leave BN as what happened to Melaka which was once also lead by MCA but was given up to UMNO…read the history..
    Now this idiot CSL before he leave, is trying to swindle all the chinese treasure from MCA and all chinese future….
    This idiot has outplayed all previous achievement by Chinese fore leaders into a shameful act of sex act into the reputation of Chinese history and even dare to blame others for his failure..bloody fool…..
    those who still follow mca is doomed to carry the shit he has left in the party……
    other Chinese..leave MCA…dump this idiot to his shame of his life…..

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  62. blame others for his failure..bloody fool…..
    those who still follow mca is doomed to carry the shit he has left in the party……
    other Chinese..leave MCA…dump this idiot to his shame of his life

  63. satlas says:

    Dear Malaysia Chinese, wake up and be frank that Malaysian Chinese Association currently being led by Immoral president. Therefore you cannot expect such a person to have integrity ( Lying to own wife and Children) and what about chinese in Malaysia. Do you think we can expect him to be good president?

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