3.5 Million Ringgit Grab at KLIA

Apr 10 – The Star carried an interesting news article about a 3.5 million Ringgit grab in KLIA. The complete news article is as follows;

SEPANG: Armed robbers shot six people in a three-minute heist at KL International Airport and escaped with S$1.5mil (RM3.5mil) on Wednesday.

In the 7.30pm incident, two moneychangers were walking to Gate 8 with the money and two security guards when six robbers alighted from a BMW car and confronted them outside the gate.

The robbers, believed to be armed with two automatic pistols, shot at the legs of the four men, who collapsed. An off-duty lance corporal and a Nepalese worker who happened to be in the area were also shot in the legs.

One of the robbers then grabbed a bag containing the money, which was to be deposited at an outlet on the fifth floor of the airport complex, and they fled. The guards opened fire at the getaway car, but did not manage to stop the robbers, which included a woman.

Police later found 40 bullet slugs on the floor.

During the shooting, an off-duty lance corporal and a Nepalese worker were also shot in the legs. Five glass windows at the entrance were also shattered. Sepang OCPD Asst Comm Zahedi Ayob said the moneychangers and guards were seriously injured in the legs.

“The robbers grabbed the bag containing the cash and fled in a vehicle believed to be a four-wheel drive. As the armed robbers were making their getaway, the two security guards fired at them but missed,” he said.

The six victims were taken to a clinic in the airport and later rushed to the Serdang Hospital.

It is learnt that one of the security guards is a policeman from the city police headquarters.

Police believed the robbers were involved in robbing a man later in Putrajaya.

What interesting questions which arised from the article or rather the reporting would be:-

1. Why did the 6 robbers alight from a BMW car, carried out a 3 minute robbery and left in a four wheel drive? 

2. Why was a policeman from the city headquarters moonlighting as a security guard?

3. Does it make sense that the same robbers who managed to grab 3.5 million Ringgit, would be involved in robbing a man later in the day in Putra Jaya?

Reading our papers leaves us with more questions than answers.


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7 Responses to 3.5 Million Ringgit Grab at KLIA

  1. Yit Peng says:

    1. The robbers have two NICE cars. This is the time to show off.
    2. The police force does not pay well. so to heed the ANTI RASUAH campaign, have to do the next decent thing.
    3. The man has RM4.5 million??

    Hope that shed some light to the matter.

  2. shorthorse says:

    Ahahahahaahaha…… great observation from Asme & even greater answers from YP!!!!!!!!

  3. asme says:

    LOL! SH – I absolutely agree with you.

    YP – You must be great at your biz since you can come up with such instants answers for your clents. So what best stocks to buy next?!

  4. Pink Jeans says:

    Hahahaha! Such witty answers from the serious YP…still waters run deep!

  5. asme says:

    Especially if the waters are dark. One wrong step and you be swallowed alive. LOL!

  6. chowinc says:

    The robbers even know the right moment to strike when CCTV is not turn on, so KLIA and IGP has excuse for no positive ID of who they are! what a coincident, perfect crime with a perfect timing!!

  7. asme says:

    Smells like rotten fish alright!

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